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bones,muscles and skin


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what is a ligament?
a strong connective tissue that hold together the bones in a moveable joint
Name the 4 types of joint?
Ball-and-socket joint Pivot joint Hinge joint Gliding joint
what is vertebrae?
VERTEBRAE-26 small bones that make up the back bone.
What is marrow?
the soft tissue that fills the internal spaces in bones.
what is a moveable joint?
moveable joint allows the body to make a wide range of movements
what is a hinge joint?
a joint that allows extensive forward and backward motion
what is cartilage?
a connective tissue that is more flexible than bones.
what is a gliding joint?
allows one bone to slide over another
What are the 5 major skeletal functions?
it provides shape and support enables you to move protect you internal organs produces blood cells stores certain materials until you body needs them
what is a pivot joint?
a joint that allows one bone to rotate around another
what is a joint?
a joint allows bones to move in different ways
what is a ball-and-socket joint?
a joint that allows the greatest range of movement

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