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bones,muscle,and skin


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gliding joint
a gliding joint allows one bone to slide over another
ball and socket
ball and socket joints allow the greatest range of motion.
a strong connective tissue
what a bone is made up of?
first layer:outer membrane
second layer:compact bone
third layer:spongy bone
fourth layer:bone marrow
hinge joint
like the hinge of a door, a hinge joint allows extensive forward and backward motion.
what do movable joints allow the body to do
movable joints allow the body to make a wide range of movements
what is vertabrae
the 26 small bones in your back.
a connective tissue that is more flexible than bone.
the skelton five major functions
provides shape abd support,enables u to move,protects your internal organs,produces blood cells,and stores certain materials until your body needs them.
the soft connective tissue that is found in the spaces between the bone.
pivot joint
a pivot joint allows one bone to rotate around another
the place where to bones meet

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