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5th Grade Science: Chapter 2 TEST


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True and False: A food chain shows that path that energy takes from the sun through producers and consumers.
True or False: An organism can be a first-order consumer in one food chain and a third-order consumer in another food chain.
Plants have no rule in the water cycle.
True or False: Each time you breathe, you take part in the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle.
Nitrogen gas cannot be used directly by most organisms.
In an ocean food chain, algae are an example of a ______.
The Earth's atmosphere is made up of 78% _______.
When an animal exhales carbon dioxide, it is taking part in the _____________.
Carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle
During Photosynthesis, plants give off carbon dioxide as a waste product.
What do sewage treatment plants clean up?
Waste Water
The process by which liquid water changes to water vapor is called _______.
Alex put a test tube with a green leaf and yellow BTB into the sunlight. An hour later, she observed that the solution was blue! How can you explain what happened?
Carbon dioxide was used by the leaf
What process breaks down carbon compounds in the carbon dioxide - oxygen cycle?
cell respiration
True or False: Nitrogen is made usable by bacteria that grow on the roots of some plants.
When nitrogen is "fixed," what is it changed into?
nitrogen compounds
What is the process by which water vapor is changed to liquid water?
In the nitrogen cycle, what is converted to a usable form?
nitrogen gas
True or False: As plants decay, they add carbon compounds to the air and soil.
When you eat corn, your body receives part of the _________ that the corn received from the Sun.
When you eat a carrot, you are eating "low" on the ____________.
Food Chain

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