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What is statutory rape?
Is sexual intercourse by male with a female who has not yet reached legal consent.

What is felony murder?
Felony murder is any killing that takes place during the commision of certian felonies such as arson,rape,robbery,or burglary.

What is Involintary manslaughter?
It is a unintentional killing resulting from conduct so reckless that it causes extreme danger of death or bodily injury.

What is MALICE?
Malice is to have the intent to kill or seriously harm or acting in an extremely reckless manner that shows a lack of regard to human life.

What is Neglagence?
The failure to exercise a reasonable or ordinary amount of care in a situation that causes harm to someone.

What is first-degree murder?
First-degree murder is a killing that is premeditated or thought about before hand.

What is suicide?
Is the deliberatetaking of ones life.Was once considered a crime.

What is homicide?
Homicide is the killing of one human being by another-is the most serious of all acts.Homicides may be criminal or noncriminal.

What is volintary manslauter?
Is the killing that is would otherwise be murder,but that occurs after the victim has done something to the killer that would cause person to go out of control.

What is battery?
Is any unlawful physical ontact inflicted by one person upon anotherwith out consent.

What is 2nd degree murder?
Is a killing that is done with malice,but with out premeditation or deliberation.

What is noncriminal homicide?
Is a killing that is justifiable or excusable and for which the killer is deemed faultless.

What is negligent homicide?
The causeing of death though criminal neglagence.

What is assult?
Is any attempt or threat to carry out a physical attack upon another person.

What is stalking?
When a person repetitly follows or harassesanother person and makes threats that puts the person in fear.

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