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3rd conj. verbs


undefined, object
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claudo, claudere
to shut, close
cedo, cedere
to move, yield, retreat
cogo, cogere
to collect, force
accedo, accedere
to approach
curro, currere
to run
duco, ducere
to lead
amitto, amittere
to lose, let go
dico, dicere
to say, speak, tell
discedo, discedere
to depart
cognosco, cognoscere
to learn, recognize
credo, credere
to believe, trust in
committo, committere
to entrust
colo, colere
to worship
caedo, caedere
to kill
cerno, cernere
to disscern
ago, agere
to do, drive, discuss, live, or spend time
constituo, constituere
to decide
contendo, contendere
to hasten, hurry
cado, cadere
to fall
cresco, crescere
to grow
adduco, adducere
to influence
frango, frangere
to break
intellego, intellegere
to understand
accido, accidere
to happen
gero, gerere
to bear, carry, wear (as clothes), wage (as war)

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