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A Diagnosing and TroubleShooting


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A customer has forgotten his BIOS password. What are the easiest ways you can erase the password and gain access to the computer?
Remove the CMOS Battery and Short the CMOS Jumper.
A user complains that his laptop will not boot up. During startup you notice the BIOS does not detect a hard drive. What can you do to determine if the hard drive or motherboard hard drive controller is the source of the problem?
1. Swap out the 2.5 inch hard drive for another and reboot.
2. Connect a 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch IDE cable adapter and attach a functioning 3.5 inch hard drive and reboot.
A three-row DB-15 male connector plug is used with which peripheral device?
A workstation has just been installed on an Ethernet LAN but when you attempt to log into the domain an error message appears "The Domain Server is unavailable". What should you do first?
Check the link light on the NIC.
Annika's computer has been turned on for four minutes when it suddenly shuts down. What is the first thing Annika should investigate to solve the problem?
CPU fan
You suspect that a faulty serial portis causing external modem problems on your computer. Which tool should you use to test the serial port?
Loop back plug
A friend asks you to look at his malfunctioning computer. You boot the computer and find the BIOS doesn't detect any hard drives. You check the BIOS settings and see that autodetect is set for all drives. You swap out the existing hard drive for one you
IDE controller on motherboard has failed.
Which of these hard drive settings are saved by the CMOS?
Heads, Sectors, Cylinders
Which of these would you use to check the transmit and receive of a local modem?
Analog Loopback
What is the first step after installation to prepare a new hard drive for data storage?
Partition with the FDISK command.
Identify the IRQ and address for each COM port( COM 1, COM 2, COM 3, COM 4.
COM 1 and COM 3 share IRQ 4. COM 2 and COM 4 share IRQ 3.
A phone line connecting a wall jack and modem should not exceed which length?
4 feet
A user has installed a new USB printer on his Windows 2000 computer but cannot get the OS to recognize the attached device. What is the most likely cause?
USB printer requires a supplemental power supply.
What should you check first on a computer where the hard drive seems to be functioning properly but there is nothing displayed on the screen?
Video Card
The floppy drive that Bobbi just finished installing on her computer will not function properly. She knows the drive is functional because she just removed it from another computer, in which it worked properly. She notices the drive's activity light stay
Disk drive's floppy cable.
What does it mean when you boot up your computer and the light on the floppy disk drive lights up and stays lit?
The data cable is installed backwards.
What kind of problem can increased hardware graphics acceleration lead to?
missing lines, details, and other graphics.
A Windows 2000 user calls you and complains that every time he starts his computer he receives the error "Cannot find bootable CD-ROM device" the system then boots normally to the OS. What can be done to solve this problem?
Change the BIOS boot sequence order.
You have just installed a new CD/DVD player as the second device onthe secondary IDE controller. A second hard is the drive is first device on the controller. You reboot and neither device is present after the OS loads. What should you check first?
Check the master/slave jumpers
Your computer is giving a continuous beep noise that will not stop. What is the problem?
A key on the keyboard is stuck in the down position.
A monitor refresh rate in Windows 98 was changed, and now the desktop is not viewable. What action should be taken to correct this problem?
Boot Windows in the safe mode.
A user complains that he has connected this Windows 2000 workstation to the network, but cannot access the network or the internet. Other users are able to access the network and the internet. The user can log onto other workstations and access the netwo
Check the Network Interface Card link status light.
POST Error codes beginning with 3 usually indicate what type of problem?
Your co-worker recently added a new DVD drive to his desktop computer. Although the DVD drive is working properly, his computer now randomly shuts down and reboots itself. What is most likely cause of the the problem?
The power supply is not able to provide enough power for the system.
Angela is an onsite technician that is servicing Jane's computer; the machine's modem is not detecting a dial tone. What are the most likely reasons?
1. Phone line is not plugged in properly
2. Local phone line down
Which is the best order to follow when troubleshooting a PC with no video and a known good monitor?
Check that the PC and monitor are plugged in-->Check that the monitor brightness is turned up-->Check that the PC fan is running-->replace video card.
A computer's monitor seems tjo have ceased functioning in your office. There are several identical functioning systems in the same office. What could you do to eliminate the video card as the problem? Switch_____with one of the functioning systems.
The monitor.
Which of these will increase the chances of motherboard failure?
Power being lost while updating the BIOS
A user complains that her monitor's display is slightly fuzzy. She asks you if there is anything she can do to imporve the display. What should you tell her
Increase the Refresh rate
Your computer came with 128MB of RAM using two 64MB SIMMS. You recently added two additional 64MB DIMMS to your computer. When you boot the computer, the RAM count displays only 128MB. Which of these is most likely the cause of the problem?
You should not mix the use of SIMM and DIMM RAM
Your hard drive is reporting bad sectors. What is the first utility you should use to fix this?
Run a thorough Scandisk
Heather is attempting to access the internet via her modem. Each time she tries to dial up the internet her mouse freezes. What is the most likely problem?
There is an IRQ conflict
What does a "201" error indicate during POST?
Memory Error
Which of the following is the correct boot sequence of a computer?
While playing stereo CD audio, adjusting the left speaker's volume from Windows, affects the right speakers instead. What are the two most probable causes?
1. An incorrect CD audio cable was used.
2. The right hand speaker is plugged in to the wrong connector onthe sound card.
After booting the light on the Floppy A: drive lights up and stays lit. What does this mean?
The data cable is installed backwards.
If you use IRQ 2 in an AT system, which IRQ cannot be used?
Your video display is only displaying red and the windows size is greatly reduced compared to the available monitor space. Which of these is most likely the cause of the problem?
1. Bent or missing pin on the cable connector.

2. Bad monitor
After physically installing a new PCI sound card on a Windows 2000 computer, you reboot the computer and the sound card goes undetected. What is most likely cause of the error?
Plug and Play BIOS option in not enabled.
You attempt to boot your computer and receive the following error message "Missing Operating System". What can cause this error message?
A non-bootable disk in the hard drive.

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