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Colors and artists


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Colors on the left side of the wheel are considered ______________ as in snow and ice.
A) pretty
B) warm
C) cool
D) hot
C) cool
The primary colors are ______, _______ and _______.
A) yellow, green, blue
B) orange, purple, red
C) red, yellow, blue
D) purple, yellow, red
C) red, yellow, blue
Who made this self portrait?
A) Pablo Picasso
B) Vincent Van Gogh
C) Claude Monet
D) Leonardo Da Vinci

B) Vincent Van Gogh
A circular diagram in which related colors are placed together is called ______.
A) colors
B) color wheel
C) box of crayons
D) sections
B) Color wheel
When you mix a primary and a secondary color, you get a/an _______________.
A) secondary color
B) intermediate color
C) color scheme
D) primary color
B) intermediate color
The lights and darks of a color are the _________ of that color.
A) shadows
B) schemes
C) values
D) shades

C) values
A lightened color is a _______ of that color.
A) tint
B) light
c) pastel
D) shade

A) Tint
A system of putting colors together are ________________.
A) color complements
B) color values
C) color schemes
D) color combinations

C) color schemes
When you mix a primary and a primary, you get a ______________.
A) cool color
B) secondary color
C) pretty color
D) primary color
B) Secondary Color
A darkened color is a ____ of that color.
A) shadow
B) shade
C) deeper
D) hue
B) Shade
The three secondary colors are ______, _______ and _______.
A) orange, green, purple
B) green, blue, purple
C) red, orange, yellow
D) orange, green, blue
A) orange, green, purple
One color and its values is an example of a ___________ color scheme.
A) triad
B) primary
C) monochromatic
D) secondary
C) monochromatic
Three to five colors next to each other on the color wheel are the ____________ color scheme.
A) complementary
B) monochromatic
C) analogous
D) primary

C) analogous
Colors opposite on the color wheel are the ____________ color scheme.
A) opposite
B) common
C) secondary
D) complementary
D) complementary

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