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Caring for the elderly client 2


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Home visits
-evalute home setting and assist older person
Urinary system assessment
-Hx of leakage,freqeuncy, amount,incontinence
-inspect color,odor
wellness assessment
-health promotion
-individaul strengths
-increase life span
GI System assessment
-Hx of bowel,wght
-inspect lesions,rashes
-auscultate-Bowel sounds
-Palpate-tenderness or masses
Discharge planning/assessment
-start early on day of admission
-team approach
-Blaylock tool
Eyes assessment
-Hx of vision,changes,disease
-inspect size,swelling,
symmetry,redness,Snellen chart
Nose and sinuses assessment
-HX of noseblds,trauma,
-inspect shape/size,color, flare nostrils?,air in nostrils?,smells
-palpate tenderness or for masses
Head, neck, and face Assessment
-Hx of stress,injury,
-inspect position,size,shape,hair,face muscles
-palpate trachea,muscles
Integumentary system assessment
-Hx of pain,allergies,sun light,skin care
-inspect odor,cleanness, skin folds
Respiratoy assessment
-Hx of SOB,cough,smoke,TB
-inspect chest,mucous,LOC
-auccultate-air sounds,crackle
Musculoskeletal systme assessment
-Hx of pain,stiffness
-inspect ADL and IADL,muscle mass,shoes wearing
Cardiac system assessment
-Hx of wght,diet,smoke,alcohol
standing,venous distention,SOB
capillary refill
Reproductive system assessment
-Hx breast exam,discharge,
prostate hypertrophy,pap smear
-inspect genitalia,
membranes,hair loss,inflam.
Neurological system assessment
-Hx of headaches,disorders
-inspect LOC/orientation, alertness,grooming
Ears assessment
-Hx of hear loss,effects on life,pain,dizzyness
-inspect size/shape,redness
-palpate-swelling, soreness
Physical assessement
-inspection (look)
-palpation (touch)
-asculation (listen)
Peripheral Vascular System Assessment
-Hx of wieght,smoke,alcohol, numbness in feet/ankles, color of extremeties,edema
Mouth and throat assessment
-Hx of dental prob,dentures,
-inspect teeth,chips,sores
-palpate gums,teeth,tongue

Social funcitoning
-how sometone interacts with others and environment
-effected by culture, environment and background
IADL assessment
-able to use phone, cook, clean, manage $, laundry
-Lawtons scale for IADL is used
ADL assessment
-bathing, dressing, bathroom, eating, ambulation
-Katz ADL scale

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