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Bronze Blade


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Footwork - Retreat
The back leg moves backward one step, the front leg pushes to promote a fluid movement and immediate displacement of the cog. The front foot follows and covers the same distance as the back foot.
Footwork - Half retreat
The rear leg moves backward simultaneously with the backward displacement of the cog. The front leg pushes backward.
Footwork - Advance
The front foot moves forward one step. The step is initiated by slightly raising the toes, the heel should just clear the floor. The heel should land as the back leg pushes the cog forward. The back foot follows, covering the same distance as the lead foot. The movement should be fluid, the trunk erect.
Footwork - Half Advance
The cog moves forward simultaneously with the front leg. The back leg pushes forward.
On Gaurd
The basic fighting position of fencing. On gaurd is the most advantageous position for offense, defense, and counter offense.
Position 1
The heels are together, legs straight, body erect, and hands at the side. The lead foot points forward, the rear foot is at 90 degrees.
The salute is executed in Position 1. While facing the opponent, the weapon is swept up, it pauses briefly before the face, and is then swept down. The point should not touch the floor.
Footwork - Recover
Return to on gaurd from the lunge position. The front leg pushes from the heel. By flexing the back leg sharply, the cog is returned to the on gaurd position.
Footwork - Lunge with weapon
As part of an attack the lunge is performed with a weapon. The weapon arm must begin its extension first, the shoulder relaxed, weapon in line with the arm, and the point directed at the target. The front leg should arrive it its position after the point strikes its target.
The final lunge position is as follows:
* trunk upright
* front thigh parallel to the floor
* front knee perpendicular to the instep of the back foot.
* back leg extended but relaxed
* back foot flat on the floor
The weapon point is moved foward by raising the elbow. The shoulder is relaxed, weapon in line with the arm, and the point directed at the target.
Footwork - Lunge
The front toes should rise, and the foot should glide just above the floor, as in an advance. Meanwhile, the back leg should be rapidly extended to transport the cog forward. The front heel lands first, as the rear arm is extended backward to direct the hit and arrest forward momentum.

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