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English 4A-2


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Make corrections:

My father are a waiter. He work in a restaurant. My mother is a typist. He work in an office.
In class
_______ he play baseball?
Yes, he _______.
He _______ baseball.

No, he _________.
He _________ play baseball.
______ your mother ______ (work, works) in an office?
Yes, she _______.
She ________ in an office.
______ Ann May ______ (work,works) in a shop?
Yes, she ________.
She _______ (work, works) in a shop.
Make corrections:

We eats three meals a day. We washes our hands before meals. We helps our Mom to clean table. After meal, Mom want us to take out garbage.
In class
______ he ______ (make,makes) toys?
Yes, _____ _______.
He ______(make,makes) toys.
Make corrections:

Aunt May are a salesgirl.
She work in a shop. She sell clothes.
In class
_______ Uncle Ted ______ (work, works) in a factory?
Yes, _____ _______.
He ________ in a factory.
______ your sister like math?
Yes, she _______.
She _______ math.

No, she _______.
She _______ ________ math.
______ Mr. Chan work in a restaurant?
Yes, ______ ________.
He ________ in a restaurant.
Make Corrections:

My name are John. I lives with my family in this city. My father are a doctor. My mother work in a library. I likes to play baseball.
In class
_______ she ________ (sell,sells) clothes?
Yes, she _________.
She ________ (sell,sells) clothes.
Make corrections:

Uncle Ted are a factory worker. He work in a factory. He make toys.
In class
Susan ________ (work, works) very hard at school.

_______ (Does,Do) Susan _____ (work, works) very hard at school?
Yes, she ________.
She ________ (work, works) very hard at school.
_______ your mother make breakfast?
Yes, ______ _______.
She _______ breakfast.

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