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Geography Words L5


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In Spanish, the name of this ocean means "peaceful." _____
Pacific Ocean
This river is considered to be sacred to all Hindus. ______
Ganges River
Penguins live on this continent, but no polar bears! _______
This sea divides Alaska from Siberia. _______
Bering Sea
This desert is located in Africa.__________
Sahara Desert
The largest sea in the world is the _____ .
Mediterranean Sea.
The United States is part of this continent.______
North America
Columbus came from the continent of ______.
A sea that is part of the Atlantic Ocean is the _____.
Caribbean Sea
The highest mountains in the world are the _______.
The longest river in Africa is the _______.
Nile River
The highest mountains in South America are the ________.
Mexico and Guatemala are in _____.
Central America
From Maine to Georgia are the ________ Mountains
The largest continent is ______.
These mountains are in Europe._______
A river with the name of a state is the ________ River.
The Sahara Desert is on the continent of ______.
These mountains are in America and Canada.______
Rocky Mountains
Brazil is the largest country on this continent. ______
South America
The continent where kangaroos live is ____.
The longest river in South America is the _______.
Amazon River
Cross this ocean to get from Africa to India.______
Indian Ocean
The ocean between New York and London is the ______.
Atlantic Ocean

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