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17.1 midterm


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DNA purity is in
A260/a280 rations
nucleic acids
display a maximum absorption at 260nm due to the adsorption by constituent purines and pyrimidines
Beers-Lambert Law
relationship between absorbance and concentration
powerful proteolytic enzyme that induces digestion of cellular prots
a soln of pure duplex DNA w/a concentration of 50 ug/ml has
an A260 of 1.0
a measure of the light that is passed through the test solution, whereas absorbance is the logarithm to the base 10 of the reciprocal of the transmittance
transmitted light
generates an electric current when the light makes contact with the phototube which is connected to a galvanometer that equates current with % transmittance or with absorbance
an instrument that provides a quantitative measure of absorbed wavelengths of light, and has a source of white light that is focuse on a prism or diffraction grating to separate white light into component wavelengths, each wavelength is focused through a narrow slit that allows the light beam to strike a cuvette containing a test solution
high affinity for NaCl for water
reduces the availability of water for interaction with prots and peptides leading to precipitation
removes RNA by digestion

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