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Convergences: Wayne Miller, Gwedolyn Brooks, and Gordon Parks


undefined, object
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miscellany, miscellaneous

p. 275
definition: a mixture of things, things that don't fall easily into a category or group

definition: total disorder or a lack of organization and direction; often suggests a lack of leadership or planning in addition to a lack of organization

p. 275
definition: a sense or "voice" within a person indicating right and wrong or good and evil

p. 273
definition: kept separate or apart, especially a group of people kept separate or apart from other people

pp. 274-275
definition: an old run-down brick or stone apartment building in a poor section of the city, often with very poor air flow, poor light, and small rooms

p. 269
definition: to change something

p. 275
definition: a characteristic, quality, or feature of a human being or living creature

p. 275
definition: skilled, able to do good work
migration, migrant

p. 269

definition: wandering, traveling, or moving from place to place; a person who travels from place to place, usually looking for work

meaning parts: migra = to roam or wander, as in "immigrant"

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p. 275
definition: getting something done or getting through something imperfectly or by making a lot of small mistakes along the way

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