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Fossil Unit


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How does a fossil form?
A fossil may form when a dead plant or animal is covered with sediment. A mold forms in sediment. The mold is filled with more sediment resulting in a cast, or impression, of a dead material. Other fossils are hard body parts. Some fossils have body parts repleced by minerals and become petrified.
Your teacher asks you to find information about the rock cycle in your text book. Where could you quickly locate specific pages on this topic?
a footprint or other track of an organism that has been preserved in rock.
rain water that drains off lands
Physical weathering changes a rock's
size and shape
In what part of your science book can you find what chapters specific topics are covered as well as page numbers?
Table of contents
The earth's crust is made up of about twenty
moving plates
An oragnism can become a fossil if the organism is covered by
When water carries soil, sand, and rock
hollow left in sediment by an organism
Petrify means
to replace molecules in dead organisms with minerals, resulting in the obejct turning to stone.
fossil formed by sediments filling a mold
a fossil formed by sediments filling a mold.
Your teacher asks you to find the meaning of petrified, where could you quickly find the definition?
The top layer of the earth is the
dropping of sediments in another spot

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