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Life of Christ 2


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Who was Anna?
A prophetess who stayed in the Temple telling the people of the coming of the Messiah. She was the daughter of Phanuel and a widow.
What did Mary offer for her purification?
Two turtle doves or two pigeons.
What was the name of Zacharias' song/hymn?
The Benedictus.
What are the names of John the Baptist's parents?
Zacharias and Elizabeth.
What was the name of the angel who announced the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus?
The Angel Gabriel.
Why did Jesus parents take him to the Temple when he was eight days old?
They took him to be circumcised and to be named.
Why did God choose Shepherds to be the first to visit the baby Jesus?
They represented the poor and the week.
What is the name of Mary's song/hymn?
The Magnificat.
What is circumcision?
The removal of the foreskin of the penis in males.
What were the names of the prophet and the prophetess that were present in the Temple when Jesus was named?
Simeon and Anna.
In which city was Jesus born?

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