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8th English grammar


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How do you form the possessive form of plural nouns?
First form the plural; then follow the "s"Rule,e.g.children's BUT

What about brand names?
Capitalize brand name but not the product. e.g., Kraft cheese
How do you form the possessive of nouns to show ownership?(What is the "S" Rule?)
Follow the "S"Rule)
If a noun ends in "s", add the apostrophe after the "s",e.g.,James' coat
If the noun doesn't end in "s", add apostrophe "s"('s),e.g.,child's

What about school subjects?
Capitalize names of languages, e.g., French and course names followed by numbers, e.g., Algebra I BUT I like social studies better than math.

What about holy writings?
Capitalize,e.g., the Koran

What about class names?
Do not capitalize freshmen, sophomores, etc.

What about titles of books, movies, etc.?
Capitalize first, last, and important words,e.g., The Little House on the Prairie
(Also, always underline or italicize book titles.)

What about titles of persons?
Capitalize when it comes before a name,e.g., Senator Smith, BUT NOT I voted for her for senator.
Which nouns are hard to identify?
idea or abstract nouns, e.g., friendship

What about names of relatives?
Capitalize when used with as person's name (but not when preceded by a possessive pronoun,e.g., Uncle Jim BUT NOT our aunt, Betsy.

What about nationalities, races, and peoples?
Capitalize. e.g.,Americans,Native Americans, Eskimos, African-Americans

What about the words: north, south, east, west?
Capitalize when they name regions of the country (have "the" in front of them) e.g.,the South
Don't capitalize when they tell a direction, e.g., Drive east on Porter Street.
What is a proper noun?
It names a particular person, place, thing, or idea. e.g.,Stone Ridge School

What is required for proper nouns?
Capitalization of important words, e.g.,The Library of Congress

What about planets?
Capitalize except earth, sun, moon (except when they are given in a list with other astrological bodies.)e.g., Juipiter, Uranus, Earth,
BUT We must take care of the resources on our earth.
What is a noun?
Name of person, place, thing , or idea
What is required for proper nouns?
Capitalization of important words, e.g.,The Library of Congress

What about holidays and calendar items?
Capitalize important words in holidays, months, and days of the week. e.g., Fourth of July
Don't capitalize seasons, e.g., This summer was hot.

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