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Chapter 5 wow


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o to bi ogra fe
account of a person's life written by that person.

antithesis (noun)
an tith is sis
contrast; opposite

Barat party's antithesis of Nagar party.
ek sen trik
odd; different from normal or usual

my reading stargey is eccentric then other readers.
equitable (adj)
ek wi te bel
Fair; just

The doctor's has equitable decison to operate that person.
ig zorbi tent
expensive; unreasonable;exceeding proper limits

This cars cost way exorbitant then I thought.
equivocal (adj)
i kwiv e kel
open to different interpretations, often misleading or avoiding the truth

My friend always equivocal the bad deeds from me.
in vere a ble
consistently; always

superman and batman invariable win their fights against evil.
antidote (noun)
an ti dot
a substance that acts against a poison

the doctor gave me some antidotes for my disease.
in turme me bel
endless; to long

Yesterday meeting was interminable.
reconcile (v)
rek en sil
To bring to peace, agreement, or understanding

The leaders of afghanistan promise to their people that they will reconcile their nation.
ekstri kat
to free from difficulty; to disentagle

Rescue workers extricated the boy who had fallen down an old well.
revelation (n)
rev e la shen
dramatic disclosure; surprising news

This morning the revelation was that my friend had a baby.
o tona mes
self-governing; independent

The vatican is an autonomous area within the country of italy.
antipathy (noun)
an tip e the
great hatred, opposition, or disgust

John has so much antipathy to his wife.
im par shel
fair; just; not biased

It is important for a basketball rejeree to be impartial.
equilibrium (n)
e kwa lib re em
balance between forces; stability

Natural living beings are equilibrium by nature.
ri vurt
To return to a former practice or condition
Whenever I did good in test I reverted to how I studied?
sub doo
to conquer or bring under control

It is difficult to subdue to desire to overeat when faced with a plentiful buffet table.
eks ploit
To take advantage of; to use

saddam husan exploit to the terroisism against United States.
in kong groo as
out of place; not consistent or in harmony

The modern furniture rooked incongruous in the ancient castle.
in jen yas
Clever; inventive

Ingenious person will always bring creative thoughts.
se bor da nit
Less important; of lower rank

regina holds a subordinate position to the persident of the company.
ota krat ek
Having absolute power; domineering

The autocratic CEO ran the company without any input from other executives.
sub kon shes
not aware in the mind

Advertisers try to appeal to our subconscious desires.

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