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Black Beauty


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When the fire started, what did James do?
He acted very quickly
What did Black Beauty's mother tell him to never forget?
To carry his head high and never forget his good name
How did Black Beauty feel about his home at Squire Gordon's farm?
He was treated very well
Who was the barn master?
What was the story "Birtwick Park" mainly about?
Getting use to a new home
What was the story "My First Home" mainly about?
A young horse growing up
Who did Black Beauty pull the wagon/cart with?
Who was Darkie's mother
Why did a lot of people come to see Black Beauty?
Because he was very sick
What was Black Beauty's first name?
Who did Black Beauty belong to: Mrs. Gordon or John?
Mrs. Gordon
Why was Black Beauty sent to another farm?
So he would get use to loud noises
What season did Black Beauty go to Squire Gordon's farm?
What did Black Beauty look like?
He had a star on his head
What was the story "The Fire" mainly about?
A few dangerous happenings
What did Black Beauty miss most of all?
His freedom
What time was it when John and Black Beauty got to the doctor's house?
3 a.m.
Why did Ginger like to bite people?
She was not treated well in the past
Why did Black Beauty stop before crossing the bridge?
Because he knew that it was dangerous
Who did Black Beauty bring the doctor to see?
Mrs. Gordon
Why did the horses have to go to another farm?
Because the Gordon's had to move to a warmer climate
What was the story "The Doctor" mainly about?
Black Beauty's love for the Gordon's

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