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Biology-Chapter 1


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Darwin, Charles
(1809-1882)British scientist who laid the foundation for modern evolutionary theory and wrote the highly controversal "On the origin of species by means of natural selection".
A statement suggesting an explanation for an observation or an answer to a scientific problem.
What is the meaning of BIO-TECHNOLOGY?
The use of biological processes or living micro-organisms in industrial production.
What is the meaning of BIOETHICS?
The consideration of right and wrong with respect to issues raised by biological knowledge or technology.
What are AIDS?
Aquired Immune Defiency Syndrome; a condition caused by a virus that attacks and kills certain cells in the immune system so that the system is unable to protect the organism against disease.
False science; research that doesn't meet the criteria of science.
Scientific Method.
A series of logical steps used to solve a problem.Includes:
1.Recognizing the problem
2.Form hypothesis
3.Test hypothesis with experiment
4.Draw conclusion.
Change through time that results from natural selection acting on genetic variations present among individuals of a species; evolution results in the development of new species.
A hormone released by the anterior lobe of the pituitary that promotes the growth of an organism.
In Scientific usage, a suggested explanation or conjecture; in science, a well-tested hypothesis that organizes knowledge in a field, fits existing data, explains how events or processes are thought to occur, and successfully predicts future discoveries and events.
Observations and experimental evidence bearing on a question or problem.
Small differences amond individuals within a population or species that provide the raw material for evolution.
What is the meaning of ADAPTATION?
In natural selection, a hereditary characteristic of some organisms in a population that improves their chance for survival and reproduction, compared with other organisms in the population.
Natural Selection.
A mechanism of evolution whereby members of a population with the most successful adaptations to their environment are most likely to survive and reproduce.
Lamark, Jean Baptiste
(1744-1829)"His theory that evolution proceeded by the inheritance of aquired characteristics was superseded by Darwin's theory."

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