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z Art Terms Ch 2 - 4


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Define "relieving triangle"
In a corbeled arch, the opening above the lintel that serves to lighten the weight to be carried by the lintel itself
Define "chimera / fantastic animals"
animals depicted as behaving like humans
Define "beehive dome with corbeled vault"
pointed dome created by stacking stone blocks in horizontal courses, each sticking out slightly further than the one below
Define "lapis lazuli"
semi-precious, azure-blue stone imported from Afghanistan... used by and for people of wealth and importance
Define "labryinth"
English word that derives from the intricate plan & scores of rooms of the Knossos palace. Labrys means "double ax" in Greek, which was a symbol seen throughout the palace
Define "hierarchical society"
A society in which there is separation into groups of people based on rank or class allowing priviledges to those in a "higher" class
Define "pharaohs"
ancient Egyptian kings, considered living gods
Define "Mesopotamia"
Area between the rivers, Tigris and Euphrates
Define "hierarchical space"
A building which has limited access to people based on their importance or rank in society
Define "mumification"
technique for embalming in order to preserve the body
Define "registers"
bands in a pictoral narrative
Define "necropolis"
Greek for "city of the dead"
Define "hypostyle hall"
huge room with a roof supported by many columns
Define "fresco"
Painting on lime plasters either dry or wet
Define "clerestory"
raised central section in a hypostyle hall that allowed light to filter into the interior
Define "ka"
life force that the Egyptians believed was with a person from birth and could inhabit the corspe upon death and live on
Define "papyrus"
material used by the Eyptians for writing on... as in papyrus scrolls
Define "palette"
a stone slab with a circular depression
Define "heraldic composition"
a central figure with an animal on each side
Define "capital"
the uppermost part of a column
Define "closed style"
In sculpture, no open spaces, solid & attached... gives a sense of strength and power
Define "continuous narrative"
In a painting or sculpture, when a figure appears more than once in the same space at different stages in a story
Define "canon"
rules of proportion, strictly adhered to in Egyptian art
Define "longitudinal plan with central axis"
The horizontal, symmetrical arrangement of a building from a central point running the length of the building
Define "relief sculpture"
A sculpture in which the figures are projecting from the the surface of which they are a part
Define "stele"
A carved, stone slab erected to commemerate an event
Define "votive offering"
gift of gratitude offered to a god or goddess
Define "cuneiform"
wedge-shaped, pictograph signs used by the Sumerians for writing
Define "sunken relief"
deep outlines chiseled below the stone's surface (as in sunken relief columns)

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