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Kinds Of Sentences 2


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The American ice hockey team lost. It played a good game.
lost, but they
Do you want to check growth? Do you want to record results?
growth, or do
Look at the growth chart. Compare how much each plant grew.
chart, and compare
It has been weeks. We should check the plants.
weeks, and we
Plants need water to grow. Don't water them to much.
grow, but don't
Did you meet any astronauts
Interrogative (question)
We love to perform. We can't wait for the olympics.
perform, and we
I went on a vacation with my family
Declarative (statement)
I am looking forward to the downhill skiing. It is fun to watch.
skiing, because it
Look at the picture of the astronauts
Imperative (command)
I went to watch the games again. They were so inspiring.
again, because they
How beautiful they sound
Exclamatory (exclamation)
The plant by the window is growing. The plant in the hall is not.
browing, but the
What an amazing trip that was
Exclamatory (exclamation)
There are alot of twirls. The skaters are energetic.
twirls and the
What a good listener you are
Exclamatory (exclamation)
My sister wants to see the skating competition. I prefer the skiing.
competition, but I
Sit and close your eyes
Imperative (command)
My friends and I decided to fine a mystery to solve
Declarative (statement)
Listen to the sounds in the forest
Imperative (command)
How much fun we had
Exclamatory (exclamation)
What movie did you see
Interrogative (question)
Don't make any noise
Imperative (command)
Where can we find a mystery
Interrogative (question)
Where did you go
Interrogative (question)
First, we went to a space museum
Declarative (statement)
Shawn's favorite Olympic sport is bobsledding. He gets nervous watching it.
bobsledding, but he
Claire and I went to see a movie.
Declarative (statement)

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