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physical science chp. 16


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a measurement of the insulating ability of a substance
kilocalorie (kcal)
the energy stored in foods
if 1 kg of water is heat 1 degree celcius, a kilocalorie is required
caloric theory
a theory that defined thermal energy as a substance that flowed from hot bodies into cold bodies
thermal equilibrium
when two objects in contact are the same temperature and conduction stops
the flow of thermal energy from one place to another by the movement of particles
convection current
a mass of moving particles that carries thermal energy
thermal expansion
an increase in the volume of a substance caused by the addition of thermal energy
the branch of physics that deals with thermal energy
kinetic theory of thermal energy
identifies the thermal energy of an object with the motion of its particles
calorie (cal)
the amount of thermal energy required to increase the temperataure of 1 g of water 1 degree C
the amount of disorder and randomness in a system; unusable energy
a substance that does not conduct electricity or heat very well
the kinetic energy present within the particles of matter; the transfer of thermal energy
the flow of thermal energy from an object to another object through contace
heat of fusion
the amount of thermal energy needed to change a substance from its solid phase to its liquid phase
the transportation of thermal energy without the use of matter
the measure of the average kinetic energy in a material
heat of vaporization
the amount of thermal energy needed to change a substance from its liquid phase to its gaseous phase
specific heat
the amount of thermal energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 g of a substance 10 C
any substance that will allow the flow of thermal energy; in electricity, a substance that holds its valence electrons loosely, allowing the flow of electricity

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