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When and how is a crime scene entered?
after law enforcement has secured scene-Be alert
6 things done during scene size up
*determine if patient is injured, or has a med. illness
*identify life threatning illness
*gather history *monitor condition *communicate patient info to med. staff
3 things done when treating a fall victim
*how far did they fall
*what did they fall on
*what was the point of impact
6 questions asked in penman
1. personal safety the environment safe many patients are there
4.what's the mechanism of illness
5.are add. resources needed there a nee for extrication
diffrence:mechanism of illness
nature of illness
mechanism is injury by trauma
natureis a medical illness or condition
what is the M in penman?
mechanism of injury
scene size up
over all assessment of the scene to gain useful info.
when do you do scene size up?
It is the very 1st thing done on scene
what do we do if a scene has a toxic substance
wear proper protection- wait until specialized persons to make scene safe

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