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physical science chp. 3


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curve seen at a liquid's surface, especially in a graduated cylinder
spring scale
an instrument for measuring weight
metric system
a decimal system of measurements based on the meter; SI
the basic unit of time;
9,192,631,770 vibrations of a cesium atom
newtons (N)
the metric unit of weight
an instrument for measuring mass
any space defined by length, width, and height

volume=length x width x height

the quantity of matter in an object
meter (m)
the basic unit of length of the metric system; 39.37 inches
liter (L)
the volume of a cubic decimeter
significant digits (figures)
all of the certain digits plus one doubtful digit in
a measurement
the mass in a unit of volume


law of mass conservation
in all chemical and physical changes, matter is neither created nor destroyed
the measure of the force of gravity on an object
water displacement method
measuring the volume of an irregularly shaped object by submerging it in water contained in a graduated cylinder and taking before and after measurements
unit analysis
a mathmematical tool to convert between units
descriptive notes that accompany numbers
SI or Systeme International
(French for International System)
the systematized units of the metric system; time (second), temperature (Kelvin), electrical current (ampere)which simplifies and standardizes all scientific work
kilogram (kg)
the mass of a liter of water; 1000 grams
scientific notation
using the power of 10 to express very large or very small numbers

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