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Double Scoop -Inflected Endings (e-Drop, Double, No change


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My smart dog is good at finding his way home.
The forest green frogs croaked loudly.
Danny flopped down on his head.
The naughty child was running through the store.
Brittany shopped at her favorite store today.
We go swimming in the summer.
Juana went skating at the roller rink.
Carlos wasted his money on a lot of candy.
"Will you please stop your whining",said Mrs. Yates!
The paint was flaking off the wall.
Maria swiftly, glided across the ice.
Terrell enjoys riding horses.
I felt like I was floating on the wind.
My brother is sleeping late today.
Jerry slipped on the ice.
Bobby was dragging his toy along the floor.
Mario pushed the big, apple red, cart.
Why are you jumping around?
The hungry gorilla peeled a bannana.
The old, rusty, bucket leaked.
Stop kicking me!
Mr. Perez pumped gas into his car.
The fuzzy, brown and white, bunny was hopping down the road.
The huge, black and white, cat was sunning herself on the chair.
Tony was so exhausted he felt l like quitting.
The kite string became knotted.
I enjoy trading baseball cards.
Jose is diving into the pool.
"I hoped you would come to my party",said Maria.
Sliding down water slides is fun.

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