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BiG biology band


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define pholem
carries organic compounds in any direction
what is the purpose of vascular tissue
transports water and disolved substances
define xylem
carries water to roots > stems > leaves
define botany
the study of plants
define cultivars
selected by people, they have one distinguishing characteristic that sets them apart from other members of their species
define agriculture
growing plants for food and human use
define woody tissue
several layers of xylem
define fruit
part of flowering plant that usually contains the seeds
describe cereal
comes from grain and grasses, accounts for 50% of cultivated foods AND 50% of calories eaten each day
name the 5 food crops
cereal, root crops, begtables & fruits & nuts, legumes, spices & herbs
describe root crops
from roots or undergrounds stems
define legumes
members of the pea family, protein rich seeds in pods
define vegtable
foods derived of leaves, stems, seeds, and roots of soft plants
name 3 plant adaptions to land
plants could dry out through evaporation, reproducing by spores and seeds instead of sperm, and transporting water and disolved substances
describe herbs
come from leaves and can be grown at home
define spices
comes from everywhere in the plant except the leaf and is tropical
where did life first originate?
define cuticle
waxy covering on surfaces that keeps out carbon dioxide
define endosperm
provides nutrishment for embryo
how long ago did life appear on land?
430 billion
define seed
embryo surrounded by protective coat, may contain endosperm
define stomata
small opening to allow exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen

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