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Sibelius 2.1 Music Notation


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Where should copyrights be attached and why?
To the 1st bar of the score in case of reformatting.
Name 2 ways in which you can prevent view menu options from printing.
Deselect them individually from the View menu.

Uncheck "Print View Menu Options" from the Print dialog.
How do you stop playback?
To reverse (flip) a beam...
Select any note in the group.
Type "X".
How do you adjust the arch of a tie?
Up/Down arrows
How do you adjust the horizontal offset of an individual note in bar?
Select note.

Adjust "X" parameter on General panel of Properties window.,
Keystrokes to tile open scores verically, horizontally and cascade styles...
ALT+Window(W)> V/H/C
How do you merge the voices of a multi-voice passage into a single voice?
Select passage.

How do you select a single staff throughout the score?
Triple-click an empty part of any bar.
Rules for grace note stem direction...
Normally drawn up.

Only drawn down to avoid collisions (2nd of two voices)
Shortcut for extending the selection by one bar...
CTRL+SHIFT+ right arrow
Shortcut for lyric Verse 2...
Shortcut for inserting the copyright symbol...
How do you display/hide the Navigator?
How do you restore the default positions of tuplets?



ALT+Layout(L)>Reset Position
How would you print a work copy of a score containing highlights?
Switch on ALT+View(V)>Highlights(g)

Switch off any other options you don't want printed.


Click "Print View Menus options".
Describe how you would split music into 2 voices after having input the music thur Flexi-time...
Select passage

CTRL+ALT+B (selects the bottom or single notes)

ALT+2 (assigns all bottom notes to Voice 2)

Edit note values where necessary to consolidate redundant ties.
How do you insert a dashed barline in the middle of a measure?
Select note/rest just before insertion point.

Recite the F8 Layout on the keypad.
.= Augmentation dot
zero = rest
1 = 32nd note
2 = 16th note
3 = 8th note
4 = quarter note
5 = half note
6 = whole note
7 = natural sign
8 = sharp sign
9 = flat sign
slash = accent mark
asterisk = staccato dot
dash = tenuto mark
+ = cycle thru keypad Layouts
ENTER = create tie

How do you display Word Lists?
Right click when creating text.
How do you input cue notes and cue rests?
Select bar.
F9, ENTER (on keypad)
Re-tap F8
Input notes as usual.

(To return to normal note input, return to F9, re-tap ENTER on kpd.)
How do copy notes in Voice 1 to notese in Voice 2 elsewhere?
Select passage.

SHIFT + V (swap Voices 1&2)

CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+2 (selects only Voice 2 notes)

ALT + click to new location

SHIFT + V (to re-swap original voices)
Shortcut for creating a Final Barline...
Select barline.

How do you enter a specific interval below a selected note?
SHIFT + (1-9)on main kbd
How do you create double repeat signs located between two repeated sections?
At the end of the left bar:
ALT+Create(C)>Barline(a)End Repeat(E)

At the start of the right bar:
ALT+Create(C)> Barline(a)Start Repeat(S)
Shortcut for accessing key signature dialog...
Shortcut to swap Voices 1 and 2...
Select passage.

Shortcut for opening File menu...
Shortcut for extract part...
Select entire score.

On which Layouts are accidentals located?
F8 (1st) and F12 (5th)
Shortcut for cross/diamond style noteheads...
What's the path used to rename or delete a customized Manuscript Paper?
C: Program Files\Sibelius Software\Sibelius 2\Manuscript Paper
How do you add a single bar mid-score?
Select bar before the insertion point.


Continue tapping B as needed (or hold down B for continuous insertion)
Shortcut for creating a symbol...
What's the difference between typing Zero vs. Delete when converting a passage to rests?
Zero converts each note into its corresponding rest.

Delete consolidates rest values into larger denominations.
Shortcut for creating diminished chord symbol...
Within CTRL+K:

Type CTRL+O (letter)
Shortcut for "beat" style noteheads...
Shortcut to access the Performance window
To select either end of a line...
Select note/rest it's attached to.

ALT+ right/left arrow
Shortcut for pausing playback...
How do you create a highlight in a score?
Select passage.
How do you move a lyric syllable or lyric line left/ right one note?
Space (right)

SHIFT+space (left)
If there is more than one voice per staff, how are they normally arranged in register?
Normally, Voice 1 would be the highest...Voice 4 would be the lowest in register.
To create a new Voice...
ALT+ 1/2/3/4
Shortcut for normal-sized noteheads...
How do you extend any line rightwards?
Select right end

Hit spacebar.
How do you enter expression text marking of "sfz"?
CTRL+ s,f

(If you don't press SHIFT, the command becomes Redo.)
Selects all similar text objects in the same style attached to the same staff within that system...
Shortcut for hiding a cautionary clef change...
Shortcut to access the Help Menu...
Shortcut to align objects in a column...
How do you move up/down a screenful?
Page Up/Page Down
Shortcut for stemless noteheads...
Keystrokes to force a passage to fit into a system...
Select passage



ALT+Layout(L)>Format(F)>Make Into System (Y)
To switch on the Voice Colors option...
>Note Colors (N)
>Voice Colors (V)
How do you move a system while retaining the spacings between adjectent staves?
Make a one-bar system selection

ALT+ Up/Down arrow
How do you convert a passage written in normal-sized notes to cue-sized notes?
Select notes.

F9> ENTER (kpd)
How do put a first selection on the score?
Type TAB
To move a rehearsal mark left or right...
Select rehearsal mark.
Adjust "X" parameter on General panel of Properties window.
Keystrokes for accessing the Standard Filter Menu...
How do you edit text already in the score?
Select it.

ENTER (main kbd)

BACKSPACE to delete.
How do you independently change the gap between staves?
Select the lower staff.

SHIFT+ALT+ Up/down arrow


Click + drag
How do you adjust the horizontal position of an inserted bar line?
Click barline to select.
Adjust "X" parameter on General panel of Properties window.
How do you reset notes/lyrics to default spacing?
Select passage

How do you input a bracketed, or parenthesized, accidental?
Select note.


Accidental + ( ) on kpd
Keystrokes to select all chord symbols in a lead sheet...
ALT+Edit(E)>Filter(i)>Chord Symbols(m)

Shortcut for start Flexi-time note input...
How do you hide a bar number?
Select the bar whose number is to be hidden.

Create Bar Number Change in that bar.

Type in bar number of current bar.

How do you add accidentals to text?
CTRL+accidental on F8 Layout that applies.
Shortcut for creating half-diminished chord symbol...
Within CTRL+K:

To create a time signature change...
Select the bar before the time change.
Type T.
Complete the dialog.
Keystrokes to create Lyric verses 3/4/5...
ALT+Create(C)>Text(x)>ENTER>Other Staff Text(o)>Lyric Verse 3/4/5
What do the position numbers on the General panel of Properties window actually signify?
The rhythmic position measured in quarter notes, regardless of the time signature.
To create a time signature at the beginning of the score...
Ensure nothing is selected.
Type T.
Complete the dialog.
Click at start of score.
Shortcut for displaying/hiding Mixer window
Grace note slurs are normally drawn below notes. When are they drawn above notes?
If the main note is higher than the grace note.

If the main note has ledger lines above the staff.
Shortcut for snapping objects to their default vertical positions...
How do you insert a predetermined number of bars (for example, 27 bars) mid-score?
Select bar before the insertion point.


Type "27" in the dialog.


How do you select a single staff for the duration of that system?
Double-click an empty part of the bar.
Shortcut for "repeat the previous note/bar(s)/passage"...
Shortcut for creating expression text
How do you create a marquee or lasso selection?
SHIFT+click on the paper and drag the light gray box around the objects you want to select.
The five Keypad Layouts correspond to which function keys?
F8 thru F12
Shortcut for accessing the Performance window...
How do you restore default stem length (which will also restore default beam angle)?
What are the differences between staff lines and system lines?
Staff lines (trills, pedal marks) apply to only a single staff and are not extracted to all parts.

System lines (1st/2nd endings) apply to all staves and are extracted to all parts.
Shortcut for creating a rehearsal mark at the start of the next bar...
Shortcut for page break...
Select barline.

CTRL+ENTER (main kbd)
SHIFT+TAB is a shortcut for...
Reversing the selection cycle of objects in a bar.
How do you move accidentals horizontally?
Click accidental.

SHIFT+ALT+ left/right arrow

(You can also click and drag)
Custom shortcut for creating a triplet...
How do you select different combinations of instruments for playback?
Click on black part of bar in the 1st instrument.
CTRL+click the other staves you want to play back.
How do you toggle from concert to transposed score?
How do you move an articulation vertically?
Select it.
Up/down arrow.
Shortcut for accessing Instruments dialog...
How do you create a bar rest?
Select the bar.
Type "zero" on keypad.
Shortcut for creating a clef change...
How do you add a specific accidental to all notes of a chord in one operation?
Double-click any note of the chord and then choose the accidental which applies.
How do you get the dynamics to affect both staves when playing back a piano score?
By using Copy Dynamics plug-in, then hiding the copied dynamics.
How do you move an articulation to the opposite side of the note?
Select the articulation.
Hit "X" (flip).
Keystroke needed to resume note input after creating text...
How do you expand/condense note spacing?
Select passage
SHIFT+ALT+right arrrow (expand) / left arrow (condense)
Keystrokes to switch on "Notes Out of Range" feature...
Shortcut to clear hanging notes after stopping playback...
Keystrokes to View Page Margins...
ALT+View(v)>Page Margins(m)
Shortcut for system break...
Select barline.
ENTER (main kbd)
How do you restore beams to the default side?
To remove an object from a multiple selection...
CTRL+click selected object.
Keystrokes to select all text in the current text object...
Select one word.

Name the 3 types of selections.
Single: 1 object only

Multiple: several, but separate objects.

Passage Selections: 1. Staff Passage- sinlge blue box.
2. System Passage- double blue box.
Shortcut to access "Go to Page" dialog...
Shortcut for select all notes in the chord...
Select one chord tone.

What the dotted caret symbol signify?
Notes are about to be repitched without changing their values.
Distinguish between usage of acciaccaturas (grace note w/slash)and appoggiaturas (w/o slash).
8th-note acciacciaturas normally used for single grace notes.

16th-note appoggiaturas used for pairs of grace notes.

32-note appoggiatura used for groups of 4 or more grace notes.

What's the purpose of Selection Rulers?
They display user-definable units of measurement between the selected object and the staff to which it's attached.
How do you create a cut-away staff?
Leave 1 or more bar rests to the right of the staff.

ALT+Create(C)>Staff Type Change(y)>Pitched No Lines(hidden)(P)

Click where cut-away is desired

Re-create original staff later on if desired.
To display Full Screen...
How do you create an out-of-order rehearsal mark?
ALT+Create(C)>Rehearsal Mark(M)

Click "Start At"

Fill in desired new mark
How do you restore stem length, beam angle and default side all in one operation?
ALT+Notes(N)>Reset Stems and Beam Angles
Shortcut for creating Technique text...
What is a non-breaking space? When is it used? How is it created?
1. A space created without advancing to the next note.

2. Used to number lyric verses; sometimes used with chord symbols.

3. CTRL + space
Shortcut for "display Object Rulers"...
Keystrokes for "Close All Open Scores"...
ALT+File(F)>Close All(L)
How do make a selection on an instrument contatining two or more staves (piano, organ, etc.)?
Triple-click top staff.

SHIFT-click bottom staff.
Shortcut for moving to the first/last page of the score...
CTRL+ Home/End
Shortcut for editing any text.
Shortcut for flip...
Shortcut to switch on the Selection Rulers...
ALT+View(V)>Selection Rulers (L)
Shortcut for navigating left/right one bar at a time...
CTRL+Left/Right arrow
What's the purpose of Staff Rulers?
They display the user-definable units of measurement between staves and page edges, and betwee adjacent staves.
How do you create a bar number change?
Select bar to be re-numbered.

ALT+Create(C)>Bar Number Change(h)

Type bar number

Why should you double tap the ESC key when stopping note input?
First tap dismisses caret.

Second tap terminates note input.
Shortcut for creating a diminuendo hairpin...
What's the difference between Backup Scores and Auto Save folders?
Auto Save folders are deleted when Sibelius is closed normally; Backup Scores are not.

How do you create an elision character?
___ (underscore)
To access Document Setup dialog...
How do you split chords between staves?
Input split chord notes on to desired staff using suitable voice, e.g., treble notes of split into Voice 2, bass notes of split into Voice 1.

Flip stems of bass Voice 2.

Connect treble & bass notes of the split by dragging stems to meet.

What's the customized shortcut for "Split System"?
To tranpose notes up/down an octave...
CTRL + up/down arrow
How do you split a system?
Select barline just before the split.

ALT+Layout(L)>Break(B)>Split System(S)
How does Sibelius know where to place the "line" you've just created?
By you first selecting the object to which it will be attached.

Keystrokes for "Save All Currently Open Scores"...
ALT+File(F)>Save All(v)
When deleting notes in a selected voice, why must DELETE key be hit twice?
1st tap converts notes to rests.

2nd tap deletes rests.
Desribe the Copy Dynamics procedure...
Triple-click top staff.

Shift-click bottom staff.


Tap ENTER until PLAYBACK is selected

Copy Dynamics> ENTER

Dialog pops up "Make Dynamics Hidden"

Distinguish between CTRL+SHIFT+P vs. CTRL+SHIFT+D.
CTRL+SHIFT+P: Resets to default x/y position.

CTRL+SHIFT+D: Resets to default appearance (visibility, shape, formatting, scale).
On which keypad Layouts can articulations be found?
F8 (1st)

F11 (4th)
Shortcut for changing a note to its corresponding rest.
Zero (kpd)
Shortcut for creating 6/9 chord symbol...
Within CTRL+K:

Type SHIFT+5
What is multicopying and how is it acheived?
1. Copying text to all or selected staves of a score.

2. Select desired text
Select copy locations
How do you modify the size of grace and cue notes relative to nomal notes?

Notes 2
Keystrokes required to force a passage to fit onto one page...
Select passage


ALT+Layout(L)>Format(F)>Make Into Page (E)
Shortcut for toggling Properties window on/off...
How do you add measures to the end of the score?
What kind of objects cannot be moved by using the keyboard?
System Objects
How do you copy the caret so you can start the same style text elsewhere?
Double-click on the text you wish to copy.

Flashing caret appears.

ALT + click to new location will move flashing caret.

Type new text.
Shortcut for creating chord symbol text...
Shortcut for accessing Line dialog...
Keystrokes needed to reset default note spacing...
Shortcut for creating Lyric text...
How do you access the Tuplet dialog?
ALT + Create(C)> Tuplet(p)
What's the purpose of Object Rulers?
They display user-definable units of measurement from an object to the staff to which it's attached.
How do you choose a specific staff type for the entire score?
Select a bar in the staff whose type is to be changed.

CTRL+I>Staves Panel

Click staff type
How do you create normal and cue sized notes in the same chord.
Select chord note.

SHIFT + ALT + 10
Shortcut for accessing the Advanced Filter Dialog...
How do find out or input information (composer, size, date of creation,etc.) on the current score?
ALT+FILE(F)>Score Info (I)
Shortcut for cycling thru Sibelius's open files (scores)...
How do you delete a wholes bar of Voice 2 notes/rests?
Select a Voice 2 note or rest.

F9, zero (converts to bar rest)

What is the appropriate filter used to delete chord tones while leaving a single melody note intact?
Select passage.

ALT + Edit(E)> Filter (i)


(This command will view sinlge notes as 'top' voice & leave it unselected.)
How do you activate collating copies feature?

Switch on "Collate"
What's the difference between normal bar numbers and bar number changes?
Bar Number Changes can be hidden, copied or deleted.
The Scores folder contains a sub-folder for saving files known as...
Backup Scores
How do you make a one-bar system selection?
CTRL+click an empty part of any bar.
What are the keystrokes for: 1. Quarter Note 2. Eighth Note 3. Half Note
4 on kpd; 3 on kpd; 5 on kpd

How do you reset the shape of a tie after having flipped or dragged it?


Layout>Reset Design
Backup Scores contains an additional folder for saving scores called...
Auto Save
Keystrokes for "Save As"...
ALT+File(F)>Save As(A)
Shortcut for accessing House Style>Engraving Rules...
Shortcut for creating an upward or downward slur.
Upward: S
Downward: SHIFT + S
What the blue mouse pointer signify?
Sibelius is carrying and about to create an object.
On which Layout can beaming patterns be edited?
F10 (3rd Layout)
How do you add a specific pitch above the seclected note?
To rewind/FF during playback...
Left / Right arrow
How do you create a 'Tempo I' or 'a tempo' in playback mode?
Insert the desired metronome mark (which can be hidden).
Shortcut to cycle thru keypad Layouts...
"+" on keypad
Shortcut for creating a crescendo hairpin...
How do you input a rest?
Choose note value from kpd

Hit spacebar
What is Flexi-time?
Real time note input.
Keystrokes needed for Make Layout Uniform...
ALT+FILE(F)>Plug-ins(u)>Notation> Make Layout Uniform
Shortcut to open Scores folder...
What do the numbers of the "X" parameter of General panel within Properties window indicate?
Horizontal displacement from the rhythmic position the object is attached to.
Shortcut to access "Go to Bar" dialog...
How do you copy a single voice from a staff containing more than one voice?
Select passage


ALT+click to new location
Shortcut for closing score...
Shortcut for respelling an accidental...
ENTER (main kbd)
How to you reset beams to their default groupings?
Select passage

ALT+Notes(N)>Reset Beam Groups(B)
How do you enter a specific interval (2nd, 3rd, octave..) above a selected note?
1 thru 9 on main kbd
How do you move the selection up/down thru the notes of a chord and then to the staff above/below?
ALT + Up/Down arrow
Shortcut for zoom in/out...
CTRL+ "+" or "-" on kepad
How do you select all staves withn in the same system?
CTRL+ double-click in blank part of any staff.
How do you remove accidentals from many notes in one operation?
Select passage

F12, zero (keypad)

How do you remove all articulations in one opertation?
Select passage

F11 (4th Layout)

Zero (keypad)
Shortcut for accessing the time signature dialog...
Shortcut for aligning objects in a row...
Shortcuts for acciaccatura and appoggiatura...
acciaccatura: F9, *

appoggiatura: F9, /
Shortcut for displaying Staff Rulers...
Decribe how to insert dynamics using expression text.
Select note


Type (mf, mp, etc.) while holding CTRL
Shortcut for extending the selection by one note or rest...
SHIFT+ right arrow
Shortcut for starting a new score...
All objects are horizontally attached to the staff by points known as what?
Rhythmic Positions
Shortcut for create Tempo Text...
What does "Fit To Paper" option do?
Scales score down in size so it fits within the print margins of the paper.
What's the rule for the relationship between the numbers of a ratio tuplet?
Second number must be more thn half and less than twice the first number.
When creating lyric text, how do you create and center hyphens when a syllable last for 2 or more notes?
Type 'hyphen' once for each note.
Shortcut for locking a format...
Shortcut for unlocking a format...
Within the Print dialog, what does the term 'spread' mean?
Printing of 2 consecutive pages side by side on one sheet of paper. (Good for proofing)
What's the name for a tuplet expressed in the form of 15:8?
Ratio tuplet
In lyric writing, how do you clarify multiple notes being sung to the same syllable?
Slur the notes involved to identify where syllables start and end.
How do you create a lyric line?
Hit 'space' once for each note.
Shortcut for finding the next occurence of your selection criteria...
What is a lyric line?
A horizontal line drawn from the end of a syllable which lasts for two or more notes.
How do you navigate left or right a screenful?
Home or End
Shortcut for accessing Transpose dialog...
How do you create a cross-staff beam to the lower staff? To the upper staff?
Select notes which should cross over.

CTRL+ SHIFT + Down/up arrow
By default, Sibelius creates the Scores folder within...
My Computer
How do you restore text to its default vertical position?

Deck Info