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chapter 3 module c review


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Explain how convection currents could cause tectonic plates to pull apart.
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A marsupial that is well adapted to survival in the Americas is the _______.
The theory of continental drift was developed by ___.
Alfred Wegener
The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is a result of _____________.
the movement of the plates pulling away from each other.
The theory of plate tectonics provides an explanation for ________.
The Great Rift Valley
Sections of the eath's lithosphere meet at areas known as ____________.
plate boundaries
A pattern of heating and cooling froms a current of air that is called _____.
convection current
The teeth of Horner's baby maisaurs were worn down. This was evidence that the babies _______________.
had not just hatched
Compared to the babies of placental mammals, marsupial mammals are born _______.
less well-developed
Two continents whose facing coastlines match like puzzle pieces are _____________.
Africa and South America
Evidence of continental drift is provided by the fossil remains of the ___________.
Some animals that are cold-blooded _______________.
take over a year to double in size
Of the following animals, the one which is a placental mammal is the kangaroo, opossum, wombat, or dog.
About 275 million years agao, Australia was p art of the supercontinent known as ___.
Explain why marsupial animals did not survive as well as placental animals in South America.
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