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What is a minority
The least number in a group
What is Kristallnacht
The night of broken glass
Wat is the Evian Conference
Meeting in France to discuss the Jewish refugees
Who are Brown shirts
Storm trooper Nazi guards
What is a ghetto
An enclosed and restricted area of a city
What is inhumane
Non-respectful, physically violent actions
What is a concentration camp
Prison camp of Nazi party
What is Auschwitz
The largest Nazi camp located in Poland
What is a boycott
A protest in which people stop buying a product or sevice, in order to express dissaproval
What are the Allies
The countries that fought against Germany, Italy, and Japan in World War two
What is discrimination
To treat people differently because of race or religion
What is humane
Kind, respectful treatment twoards others
What is racisim
Discrimination against a group based on race
What is race
Ethnic background
What is predjudice
Dislike twoards a group
Who is the Hitler Youth group
Nazi party where children were prepared for leadership
What is segregation
To separate by race, religion, or sex
What is a stereotype
Opinion about a group or person
What is tolerance
Willingness to accept others who are different than myself

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