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Angela's Five Senses


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What do Pacinian corpuscles do?
a. Give you goose bumps
b. Make you tan in the summer
c. Sense pressure and vibration in your skin
Sense pressure and vibration in your skin.
The colored part of the eye has the same name as a flower in the garden. What is it?
The iris.
What do sebaceous glands do?
They release oils onto the hair tissue to lubricate the hairs, and soften your skin
How many different tastes can the tounge sense?
Four. Salty, sweet, sour and bitter.
What is the clear covering over the front of the eye called?
The cornea
The word "optic" refers to what organ:
a. the eye
b. the ear
c. the nose
The eye
What is the pupil?
The opening in the center of the iris that lets light into the eye.
What is the smallest bone in your body?
The stirrup in your ear.
What does your eye's lens do?
Focuses light onto the eye's retina.
What senses different tastes on your tongue?
Your tastebuds.
What makes goosebumps?
a. Hair erector muscle
b. Pacinian corpuscle
c. Sweat gland
Hair erector muscle
Where would you find vitreous?
a. Up your nose
b. On your toungue
c. In your eye
In your eye.
What acts as your body's personal "air conditioning?"
Sweat made in the sweat glands
The nerve that transmits impulses from the eye to the brain is called:
a. the olfactory nerve
b. the optic nerve
c. the auditory canal
The optic nerve
The tiny hairs that are sensitive to odor molecules are called what?
What is the layer of skin just under the surface of the epidermis?
What is the outer layer of skin called?
Air enter your nose through what?
a. your pupil
b. your nostril
c. your Eustachian tube
your nostril
The organ that actually does the smelling in your nose is called:
a. the sebacaceous gland
b. the olfactory epithelium
c. the epidermis
The olfactory epithelium.
True or False:
The senses of taste and smell are closely tied together.
Where will you find subcutaneous tissue?
a. Up your nose
b. Under your skin
c. In your eye
Under your skin
Where do the Eustachian tubes go?
They connect the middle ear to the back of the nose.
The nerve that transmits smell information to your brain is called:
a. the optic nerve
b. the olfactory nerve
c. the Eustachian tube
the olfactory nerve
The auricle and pinna are words for the same part of the ear. What part?
The outside part that you can see on the side of your head.
Is your nose more or less sensitive than a dog's nose?
Way, way less.
About how many smells can your nose sense?
a. about 100
b. about 10,000
c. about 1,000,000
about 10,000
The three tiniest bones in your whole body are called the hammer, the anvil, and the stirrup. Where are they?
a. Up your nose
b. Under your skin
c. In your ear
In your ear
The cochlea is a snail-shell shaped structure in your inner ear. What does it do?
creates the nerve impulses that the brain will interpret into sound.
What do the semi-circular canals in your ears do?
Help you keep your balance.
The eardrum transfers vibrations to what bone?
The hammer.
The thin membrane that vibrates when sound reaches it is called what?
The eardrum.

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