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Lesson 9 2


undefined, object
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entity (N)
An independent being; real & independent existance
eradicate (V)

eradicator N
eradicative ADJ
To wipe out
facade (N)
Deceptive outward appearance, front part of a building
entice (V)

enticement N
enticing ADJ
enticingly ADV
To attract by offering reward
ensue (V)
To result from
equivocal (ADJ)

equivocator N
equivocally ADV
equivocate V
Ambiguous, vague
epigram (N)

epigrammatist N
epigrammatic ADJ
epigrammatically ADV
epigrammatize V
A witty saying expressing a single thought
emit (V)

emitter N
emission N
emissive ADJ
To send out; to give forth as in sound
ships, sailors, sea
envisage (V)

envisager N
Form a mental picture
fabricate (V)

fabricant N
To make, to build, to make up a story in order to deceive
pater, patri
elude (V)

elusive ADJ
elusion N
elusively ADV
To escape notice; get away from

emissary (N)

One sent on a special mission to represent others
epitaph (N)

epitaphic ADJ
Inscription on a tombstone
embroil (V)

embroilment N
To draw into a conflict, fight

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