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Cell Structures


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Found in the nucleus. This structure is where ribosomes are made.
Cell Membrane
A cell structure that controls what substances can enter or leave the cell.
A water-filled sac inside a cell that acts as a storage area.
Acts as the brain of the cell.
The cells control center, directing all of the cells activities.
Material in cells that contains DNA and carries genetic information.
Cell Wall
A rigid layer of nonliving material that surrounds the cells of plants.
A structure in the cells of plants and some other organisms that captures energy from sunlight and uses it to produce food.
Golgi bodies
A structure in a cell that receives proteins and other newly formed materials from the endoplasmic reticulum, packages them, and distributes them to other parts of the cell.
The function of this organelle is to produce energy, build and transport needed materials and store and recyle wastes.
Called the powerhouses of the cell because they produce most of the energy the cell needs to carry out its functions.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
A maze of passageways. These passageways carry proteins and other materials from one part of the cell to another.
A small grain-like structure in the cytoplasm of a cell where proteins are made.

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