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Basic Computer Terms


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The stuff you don't see. The programs and applications that come preloaded on your computer or the ones you buy on a CD or disk.
The actual equipment we use. Computer, scanner, digital camera, video camera, etc.
The work area of your computer
The gray, little plastic box with a cord on the desk beside your keyboard. (A mouse with a tail.)
A hardware device used to print text and graphics on paper.
A display screen designed as an output device for a computer.
disk drive
The device that reads from and writes to a floppy disk or hard disk.
pressing once on the left side of the mouse to select something.
Hard disk
Also called hard drive. A storage device inside the computer. You don't see it or touch it, but this is what most of your money was spent on the purchase the computer.A hard disk sends information to the computer's brain and this is where all the information goes when you shut off the computer.
floppy disk
31/2 inches disks that are made of hard plastic, which holds the stuff you create on the computer. Not good for storing large amounts of information.
Also called a pointer, arrow, or cursor. Points to things when you point to it. When you are in a word processing application it's a cursor. a short line that flashes waiting for you to do something.
The place with the alphabet and numbers that you type on.
the actual casing that houses the hard drive, programs and information needed to run the computer.
Using the right side of the mouse to copy from the internet.
Pressing twice on the mouse quickly to make something happen. (open a folder, a program or a file)
The cute little picture on the desktop that respresent programs. Also a shortcut.

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