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SQL Server 7 - Misc


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this table lives in the distribution database. contains info about the location of synchronization files-- truncated after successful replication
foreign keys in merge replication
when the fk table is not included in the publication you cannot add new rows or update the fk column. you can however still change other columns.
error 1205
deadlock situation
security level = 13
what is the general unicode locale identifier?
creates a removeable media database.
6 create trace wizard options
1. find the worse performing queries
2. identify scans of large tables
3. identify the cause of a deadlock
4. profile the performace of a stored procedure
5. trace tsql activity by application
6. trace tsql activity by user
what is the sql server agent monitor?
component that automatically starts sql server agent if it abnormally stops
virtual table
constructed to provide query access against files and folders (read index server)
utility used to backup and restore SQL Server registry keys
sqlserver.exe -m
starts sql server in single user mode
what data columns must you include in a SQL Server profiler trace in order to save captured event data in a table?
application name
what exchange server component and be used to monidtor services that are running on the SQL Server computer?
server monitor
what is the default SQL Server client net-library
named pipes
effect of create statements on security delicated through a NT group
if a user has permission to create a table through a NT group their user account automatically gets added to the db upon creation.
what is the default tcp port for sql server?
1. SQL Server Netowrk utility
2. SQL Server client network utility
1. used to reconfigure sql server to listen on additional net libraries.
2. used on client computers to configure network protocols
minimum installation requirements:
1. SQL Server HD space
2. Management Tools HD space
3. processor
1. 65 megs
2. 90 megs
3. pentium 166
the only operator that can recieve notifications for multi-server jobs
how do you change the sort order and unicode collation once SQL Server is installed
rebuild all databases
what do performance condidions relate to?
object, counter, instance
Number of rows typically identified for a key value. high for identity columns
distribution statistics
used to estimate how effective an index would be in retrieving data associated with data in the index
what is the fully qualified name format for linked server tables?
1252 - ISO character set - cyrillic
850 - multilingual
437 - us english
1. update distribution statistics for all user defined tables in the current db.
2. updates info about the distribution of key values for statistics groups in a specified table
1. attache a db to the server
2. same as above but for a db with only one file
error 9002
tl full
severity = 19 nad its written to the nt log

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