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SQL Server 7 - Database Options


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dbo use only
only the dbo can access the database
default to local cursor
cursors default to local, not global scope. false by default
when true no users can access the database
quoted identifier
any tring enclosed in double quotes are treated as identifiers. false by default
read only
data cannot be modified in the database
recursive triggers
determines whether the same trigger can be fired within itself. False by default.
select into/bulkcopy
non-logged operations are permitted in the database
single user
one user at a time
trunc log on chkpt
committed transactions are removed from the log every time a checkpoint occurs
cursor close on commit
open cursors will be closed when a trans is committed or rolled back. false by default
concat null yields null
concatenating null to a string returns null - false by default
when this is true db files are checked periodically to determine if space is available to be reclaimed. false by default
specifies that the db remains active(open) only while users are connected to it.
ansi nulls
all comparisons to null evaluate to null. false by default
anso null default
specifies whether columns are nullable by default
torn page detection
when this option is set to true sql server will perform extra checks to catch i/o errors in updating the db on disk.
db is allowed to subscribe to publications from other dbs. replication
db is allowed to provide publications for replication
merge publish
db is allowed to be published for a merge replication. false by default
ansi warnings
warnings will be returned to the user when many non-fatal error conditions (div/0) occur

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