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SQL Server 7 - BCP


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1. data file uses sql6.5 data types
2. quoted identifiers are used for column names
/C code_page
(4 possible values)
1. ACP - ansi standard
2. oem - default code page for the client
3. raw - no code page conversion should be used
4. <value> - specified by number
1. # of the last row to copy
2. batch size in number of rows
1. data file is in native format, or create data file in native format

2. character format data will be used
4 conditions necessary for non-logged bcp import
1. select into/bulkcopy option should be set for the db
2. TABLOCK option should be used
3. destination table cant be marked for replication
4. destination table can only have indexes if they are empty
1. db login
2. db password
3. use trusted connections
(with 5 options)
1. order (columns)
2. rows_per_batch
3. tablock
4. check_constraints
5. kilobytes_per_batch
1. column terminator vor character formatted data
2. row terminator (as above)
3. file containing input to redirect to bcp
1. file to which error messages will be logged
2. # of the first row to copy
1. db library version
2. null values should be inserted for empty columns
3. values for an identity file are provided by the data file (identity insert)
1. output file for bcp messages
2. network packet size used when bcp loads data into sql server over the network
3. name of the SQL Server participating in the transfer (ommitted if loading)
1. max number of errors before the transfer is canceled
2. name of the format file
1. unicode character formatted data file will be used

2. the data file will use native format for numeric and unicode format for character data types.

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