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history test 3


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the missouri compromise of 1820 stated that...
maine is a free state and missouri is a slave state no matter what.
under the missouri compromise, once a slave reaches 25, they can't be
held as a slave anymore
under the missouri compromise, miss ouri can't import
any new slaves
anytime in tests when it mentions compromising, he's referring to...
henry clay
how many political parties were involved in the election of 1824? and how many candidates where there? who were the top 3
1 party (republican) 5 candidates calhoun, jackson, adams
who finished first, but why couldn't he be president in the election of 1824?
jackson, he didn't get 51%
who played a big role in picking the president in the election of 1824?
henry clay
who did henry clay choose in the election of 1824?
john quincy adams
who ran under the democratic republican party?
van buren and calhoun
who ran under the national republican party?
adams, clay
in the election of 1828 who one and by what percentile? what was his main strategy to win?
jackson by 68%, to make a positive image of himself and a negative image of adams
what did jackson restore the government to?
common man
who did jackson start cleaning out?
the elitists
what was the indian removal?
to remove cherokee tribes east of the indian river (trail of tears)because they were attacking white settlers.
why did jackson enforce the indian removal?
because he was carrying out the will of the american people.
who hated and who liked the protective tarriff.
south hated. north liked.
what was the tariff of 1828 otherwise known as?
tariff of abomination.
what did the south want calhoun to do?
join with the south's ideas.
what was calhoun running as? and under who?
vp under jackson
what did jackson say that calhoun needed to do in order to remain his vp
quite south carolina down because they were openly upset.
what was the theory of nullification?
the idea from calhoun used to quiet down south carolina
what did the theory of nullification state?
states rights meant that you could judge acts of congress. and that if the government passes a law that the state doesn't like then that state can nullify federal laws that they don't like within their borders
what are congresses two options under the theory of nullification.
repeal the law. or make it an ammendment
what are the states options under the theory of nullification?
supmit to the will of congress. or seceede from the us
did calhoun put his name on the theory of nullification? did it get south carolina to be quiet?
no yes
once jackson becomes president, it's his job to...
enforce the tariff.
who was peggy eaton (oneil) what did she do?
she was married to timberlake who was in the army. while he was away she met eaton and fell in love with him. they had an affair. eaton was a congressman from tennessee. they tried to keep their affair under wraps, but timberlake came home, he died at sea by falling off of a boat. some say he committed suicide.
who went out of his way to be nice to eaton?
van buren?
who was being mean to eaton?
calhoun's wife?
what was calhoun's wife's name?
who stood up for eaton?
what was mr. eaton under jackson?
secretary of war
what did calhoun use for the tariff of 1832?
the theory of nullification
what was the force bill?
congress said that jackson could invade south carolina to enforce law.
both sides claimed...
calhoun said that won because? jackson said he won because?
calhoun- the tariff was lowered jackson- he opposed nullification
what did nicholas biddle do?
ran the second bank of the us
what did the second bank of the us do?
helped businesses and economy grow. kept state level banks honest
what doesn't jackson believe in? why?
loans or paper money. he feels its an undemocratic institution
who called for the recharter bill of 1832?
henry clay.
clay said that if jackson vetoed the bill then he would
use that against him in the next election
did jackson veto the bill? why?
yes because it's an undemocratic institution.
did americans side with jackson on the bank war?
what was the antimasonic party opposed to?
the masonic lodge
to kill the bank of the us they must
remove all of the funds
the president didn't have the authority to remove the funds but who did?
the secretary of treasury
who was jacksons first treasurer?
who was jacksons second treasurer that he chose?
what did the treasurer do?
remove the funds and place them in "pet banks."
what are pet banks?
various state banks that they put money into.
what was the biddle panic?
state level banks started to print paper money and the government couldn't keep state banks honest.
what did people start referring to jackson as?
king andrew the first
who was john tyler?
a southerner who felt that jackson had overstepped his authority.
in the election of 1836, since jackson will "pick his successor" who will he pick?
martin van buren
why was the only reason that van buren won?
because jackson t old people to vote for him.
what did the whig party stand for?
we hate andrew jackson
the us economy had tanked before
van buren was even sworn in.
martin van buren spent his life trying to get people to like him so
he could be president
van buren is blamed for...
the economy
what did the independent treasury act do?
it built warehouses to house government funds
vanburen faced the loss of
popularity and democratic support
what did the log cabin campaign have to do with?
the whig party nominating harrison and tyler (who was technically a democratic candidate at heart) but they only ran him because they wanted to run a jackson - like candidate.
harrison was very...
wealthy and not like the average man.
the whigs made harrison out to be...
common. like jackson.
the whigs made van buren out to be
an elitist.
who ran for the liberty party? what did he oppose? why?
birney. opposed slaver. because he said that god came to him in a dream and was judging him of the sin of slavery. the next day he let his slaves go.
what will be an issue from the election of 1840 on?
who wins the election of 1840 (the log cabin campaingn)
harrison as pres. tyler as vp
what was the whig fiasco of 1841
webster becomes one of the most dominating positicians of the north.
who does webster beat, and for what position?
clay for the position of secretary of state.
what did harrison die of? how long was his speech? how long was he in office for?
pnemonia. 1 hr. 40 min. 1 month
who becomes the first vp to become president?
who did the people say that tyler should refer to?
clay and webster
clay said that he was going to force what on tyler?
his agenda
what did clay always call tyler?
mr. vice president
what was clay's desire to get?
a third bank of the us
clay said that if tyler destroyed the bank, then he would
destroy him
clay said that if tyler didn't destroy his bank then he could get
anything passed for him
clay said that he would be tyler's allie if he
signed the bank in.
did tyler sign it or veto it?
what did clay do after tyler vetoed the bank?
he destroyed tyler and all he cared about.

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