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Lecture notes PR312


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Complaints about PR
misleads the public, perpetuates image over reality, creates misinformation, creates barriers to communication
Complaints about PR as Marketing campaign
encourages materialsim, manipulates people excessive, offensive or in bad taste, deceptive, may encourage harmful activites, reduces competition
Benefits of PR
advocates organizational adjustment and adaption, contributes to an informed public, aids in problem solving, serves as media support
benefits of PR as marketing
promotes competition and makes new brand entry possible, results in consumer awareness, supports media
what are ethics
moral philosophy, values.
Jaksa and Pritch on ethics
ethics is a question of right and wrong
practitioners must balance or satisfy...
publics interest, employers and clients, prof. code of ethics, own personal values
practitioners may be asked to
defend organizational practices, make false product claims, issue news releases only telling half the truth
the first ammendment
fear of tyranny of information, free marketplace of ideas, truth will surface
4 part test for commercial speech
speech must concern lawful activity, government interest must be substantial, regulation must advance gov. interest, must not be extensive
political expression to employees
executive and administrative personnel, shareholders and families
corporate speech on referenda and social issues
first bank of boston v. belotti
Print media
enojoys the greatest amount of 1st ammendment protection
miami herald v. tornillo
florida case with the newspapers nigga
subject to govt. regulation, FCC. must be licensed to operate.
reno v. american civil liberties union
the internet "deserves the highest protection from gov. intrusion"
government in sunshine act
requires federal agencies policy-making and governing boards to announce open meetings
copyright act of 1976
must assume if not marked, owner has exclusive rights, limited fair use of copyrighted stuff is legal, in pr works made for hire belong to employer
Lanham act of '46
Trademark/service mark
taft-hartley act of 1947
employee/union relations... some restrictions, employer may express views, no threat of punishment no gaurantee award.
Public Relations Theory
resistance to persuasion
cues of manipulative intent increase resistence, group identification reduces the effectiveness of anti-group messages
broadcast channel
tv is most persuasive mass medium, is watched 7+ hours a day per household
print channel
effective w/complex messages, about 54% of pop. reads paper daily
internet channel
63% percent of americans are online, worldwide reach, no gatekeeper=problems
interpersonal channel
intrusive and interactive, practitioners can customize persuasion strategies, reach is the major weakness
personal relevance/involvement is key, peer group influence important
agenda setting
as the media focuses on a subject it becomes more salient/important,
what impacts the agenda
media through emphasis and omission, sources through action and availability, repitition and prominince
related to reporters use of seleccted fats, themes, descriptions and even words to explain stories
media help determine the criteria by which people evaluate leaders, events etc
impulsive buying
learn->do-> feel
rational buying
learn->feel-> do
segmentation involves dividing markets into groups of potential buyers with similar needs/characteristics whi will exhibit similar purchase beahvior
undifferentiated mass mktg
one product for all
differentiated marketing
different things for different buyers
most common segmentation strategies
demographics, geographics, socioeconomic, psychographic
psychographic segmentation
values and lifestyles
product usage segmentation
heavy, light
benefits sougt from segmentation
price and service

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