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human relations, marital relations, and interpersonal relations describe....
the study and management of relationships between individuals
the term public relations refers too...
the management of organization - public relationships and is one of the fastest growing fields of professional employment
how do critics see Public relations...
as a way to cover up the truth or to put a positive spin on something negative
President woodrow wilson created what
the Committee on Public information... their goal was to unite the country around the war
Harwood L Childs
founder of public opinion quaterly.. said that pr is not the presentation of a point of view, not the art of tempering mental attitudes nor the development of cordial and profitable relations. He said the basic function is to reconcile or adjust in the public interest those aspects of behavior that are socially significant
International Public Relations Association
Public Relations Society of America
may be the most noticeable form of PR in Governments
internal relations
managements job of maintaining productive workers and employees
when Public relations workers provide news they deem to be newsworthy and hope they use them. Whether its accurate or not is out of their hands
press agentry
to create the perception that the subject of the publicity is a newsworthy subject deserving public attention
public affairs
is the public relations practice that addresses public policy and the publics who influence such policy
issues management
1) early identification of issues with potential impact on an organization 2) a strategic response designed to mitigate or capitalize on their consequences
investor relations/IR/finnancial relations
is a specialized part of corporate public relations that builds and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with shareholders and other in the financial community to maximize market value
PR is a young profession and is therefore...
an emerging profession
the greatest number of PRSA members are in...
California, New York, texas, ohio michigan, pennsylvania and illinois and washington DC
the largest employer for PR is?
the federal government
The four largest firms are...
New Yorks Weber Shandwick, Hill and Knowlton and Burson Marsteller and the St. Louis based Fleishman Hillard each
Larges independently owned firms
Edelman Public relations, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide and Ruder Finn.
experienced practitioners make how much $$$
1-2 mill
mean salary for public relation specialists
was 53760
pr managers make
writing and editing
composing print and broadcast news releases, feature stories etc...
media relations and placement
contacting news media, magazines, sunday supplements, free lance writers and trade publications with the intent of getting them to publish shit
Gathering information about public opinion, trends, emerging issues, political climate and legislation
Management and administration
Programming and planning in collaboration with other managers
advising top management on the social, political and reulatory environments, consulting with the management team on how to avoid or respond to shit
Special Events
arranging and managing news conferences, 10k runs, conventions etc
Appearing before groups, coaching others for speaking and managing a speakers bureau
creating communications using multimedia knowledge and skills icluding art, typograpy, photography, etc.
preparing executives and other designated spoespersons to deal with media and to make other public appearances
serving as liaison with media community and other internal and external groups
expert practioners
others see them as the authority on public relations problems and solutions
communication facilitator
practitioners as sensitive listeners and information brokers
problem solving facilitator
they collaborate with other managers to define and solve problems
The glass ceiling
there is a salary gap and a 'glass ceiling' on promotions for women, who are beat out by men
how are people of color represented in the PR field
extremely underrepresented
1) requires specialized education to acquire a body of knowledge and skill and a knowledge of how to carry yourselfs
five requirements for success
results, conceptualizing, Human relations, style, intangibles
when a ceo makes a commitment they know that they cannot promise
overselling the client of capabilities and expertise of public relations
underservicing/bait and switch
listing senior people as part of the accounting team but using junior staff to do the project
using public relations quick fixes
shortsighted responses to questions that require long lasting solutions
advantages of an internal department
team membership, knowledge of the organization, economy to the company for many ongoing programs, availability to associates
Nicholas Biddle
President of the Bank of the United States. Tried to use the paper to combat the publicity of jackson and kendall but failed.
Davy Crockett
Created by biddle and Matthew St. Clair Clarke built up as a hero to combat Andrew Jackson
PT Barnum
ringling bros. circus... he re-created numerous tall tales and got people to believe responsible for the word jumbo
George Westinghouse
created the first corporate public relations department in 1889
seedbed era
muckraking journalism was countered by strong PR led by theo roosevelt and woodrow wilson
WWI period
a dramatic demonstration of the power of organized promotion
Roosevelt Era and WWII
an era dominated by Franky Roosevelt and his counselor Louis McHenry Howe
George V.S. Michaelis, Herbert Small, and Thomas O. Marvin
created the nations first publicity agency
James Drummond and Theodore N. Vail
hired by first publicity agency and later worked on PR for the American Teleophone and Telegraph company
Smith and Walmer
Second publicty firm, first in D.C created by William Wolff Smith and unknown partner named walmer
Parker and Lee
3rd firm created by George F parker and a young publicist Ivy Ledbetter Lee in NY
Hamilton Wright Organization
4th firm when Hamilton Mercer Wright, a free lance journo, opened a publicity office in SF
Pendleton Dudley and Associates
The fifth agency started by Pendleton Dudley who was to become an influntial figure in history. Advised by Ivy Lee
Ivy Ledbetter Lee
worked for newspapers, on campaigns, and more noticeably the Pennsylvania railroad and anthracite coal workers. Personal adviser to John D. Rockefeller mining incident
Theodore N. Vail
Pioneered public relations for AT&T. He became president in 1907 then hired James Ellsworth to do PR
Theodore Roosevelt
Critical in the evolution of PR. Observers claimed he ruled the country from the front page of the paper cuz of his publicity
Rex F. Harlow
Founded the American Council on Public Relations in 1939 at Stanford. Founder of Public Relations Journal.
George Creel
Creator of the 4 minute men. a net work of 75,000 civic leaders across 3000 counties. These volunteers would be alerted by telegram and give 4 minute speeches at local events.
Carl Byoir
Creater of Carl Byoir and Associates who represent BF goodrich, Honeywell, Kimberly Clark and John Deere among others.
Edward Bernays
wrote the first PR book titled Crystallizing Public opinion in 1923
Doris E. Fleischman
married to Bernays, helped run their firm until retirement. Counseled presidents and shit
John W. Hill
Helped the major tobacco companies create the Tobacco Industry Research Commitee. It threatens his legacy
Arthur W. Page
He built three successful businesses, then took over as CEO of AT&T.
Paul Garrett
Brought in to head the Public relations department of GM in 1931.
Alice L Beeman
Was the first woman to head a national Public relations association. The council for the advancement and support of education. (CASE)
Louis McHenry Howe
FDR's public relations mentor. served from 1912 till his death
Leone Baxter and Clem Whitaker
started the first PR agency specialized in political campaings in SF
Tim Traverse-Healy
KNown as the "Edward Bernays of Europe." Cofounded 2 british PR associations
Daniel J. Edelman
Started Edelmen Public Relations Worldwide. Has branches in Chicago, NY, LA, London, D.C, and frankfurt. worlds largest PR company
Ralph Nader
battled with GM over some shit

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