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Biology Test Part 3


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Controlling or improving certain features of livestock through genetic breeding programs
animal husbandry
The science of research and study of artifacts and ancient cultures
Plants or animals selected on the basis of being salable
economic uses
Classification plan based on grouping by certain outstanding features
artificial system
Random natural processes produced the first "living" cell
Classification plan based on assumed relationships of common ancestry or evolution
natural system
Without bias
The beginning
body of ideas based on personal opinion
Controlling or improving certain features of crops
plant breeding
Development of new species and new kinds from an ancestral species
To test for truth or accuracy
natural taxonomic system currently in use attempts to show:
ancestry, family trees, genetics, evolutionary descent
Observations from plant breeding and animal husbandry over thousands of years has shown:
variations confined to lower taxa, observable changes have never been recorded
The science of genetics has demonstrated repeatedly:
variation is not from evolution
An artificial system looks at while a natural system looks at .
characteristics, ancestry
Two practices which have helped to develop and understand variations within "kinds" of living things
plant breeding, animal husbandry
If the theory of evolution were true, there would be records of observable changes between the
basic kinds
T or F The telephone book shows relationships and is, therefore, a good example of a natural system of classification.
A family tree shows relationships and is, therefore, a good example of a natural system of classification.
Organisms are limited to reproducing only after their own kind by:
known laws, observations
T or F There is observable change from each kind of organism into some other kind.
T or F Anyone interpreting information will be limited from being completely objective by his or her biases
body of personal ideas and opinions
A diagram showing limited variations of life developing from the creation model would appear as:
forest of unique trees
A diagram showing unlimited variations and speciation of life developing from evolution would appear as
diverse brances
Classifying by using flower color, leaf shape, and leaf arrangement
Reproductive isolation is:
the ability to reproduce only within a species
Basic "blank" of life forms were "blank" by God. They have consistently "blank" within the "blank"
kinds, created, reproduced, limits

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