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arteries of the head and neck
1.posterior auricular 2.external carotid 3.internal carotid 4.vertebral 5.common carotid 6.superficial temporal 7.maxillary 8.superior labial 9.inferior labial 10. facial 11. lingual
arteries of the brain
1. anterior cerebral 2. ophthalmic 3. posterior communicating 4. pontine branches 5. labyrinthine 6. superior cerebellar 7. basilar 8. anterior spinal
curved like a bow
principal or primary
profunda (or profundis)
arteries of the torso (1)
aorta, innominate artery,
major systemic artery from which all others arise
ascending aorta
ascends from the left ventricle of the heart
aortic arch
after ascending and supplying the heart, the aorta arches posteriorly and to the left
innominate artery
another name for the brachiocephalic artery
brachiocephalic artery
the first branch of the aortic arch and one of three vessels branching off the aortic arch
left common carotid artery
branches from the aorta and extends up the left side of the neck (another 1/3 vessels that branch from aortic arch)
left subclavian artery
extends from aortic arch to left side of body (another 1/3 from aortic arch)
thoracic aorta
continuation of aortic arch as it descends through the thoracic (chest) cavity to the diaphragm; it is a very large vessel that divides into major branches to the organs & muscles of the chest
arteries that supply the heart
provide circulation to the lungs
enters through the esophagus as it passes through the mediastinum
cervical (neck area) arteries:
ascending cervical artery; deep cervical artery; descending cervical artery; superficial cervical artery; transverse cervical artery
thyroid arteries:
inferior thyroid artery of Cruveilhier; lowest thyroid artery; superior thyroid artery; many arteries branch out of the thyrocervical trunk
inferior thyroid artery
scapular arteries
descending scapular; scapular circumflex; transverse scapular; suprascapular/subscapular: surround and/or supply the scapula
thoracic arteries
highest thoracic; internal thoracic; lateral thoracic; thoracoacromial; thoracodorsal
pulmonary arteries
both right/left arteries supply lungs
pertaining to lungs
coronary arteries
right/left coronary: supply left/right atrium & ventricle
supply the muscles between the ribs & structures of the chest wall
supply blood to diaphragm
between bones

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