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Real Prop


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*Negative Easement LASS
Light Air Sunlight Stream water
* Joint tenancy right of survivorship severance SPAM
Sale Partition And Mortgage
*T's option on Constructive Eviction by LL SING
SING Substantial Interference Notice Goodbye
* Fee simple determinable FSDPOR Frank Sinatra didn't prefer Oliver Redenbacher
Fee simple determinable possibility of reverter
* Voluntary or affirmative waste - exceptions- PURGE
Prior Use Reasonable repairs Grant Exploitation- Land is only suitable for exploitation
*Implied Warranty of Habitability MR3
Move out Repair and deduct Reduce Rent until court determines Remain in possession, pay rent & seek $
*Easement creation PRING
Prescription Reservation Implication Necessity Grant
*Easement termination END CRAMP
Estoppel Necessity Destruction Condemnation Release Abondonment Merger Prescription
* Covenant (Burden) WITHN
Writing, must be in Intent, of burdern to run with the land Touch and Concern Horizontal & Vertical privity Notice
* Covenant (Benefit) WIT V
Writing Intent Touch & Concer Vertical privity
* Equitable Servitude WITNes
Writing Intent Touch and Concern Notice (equitable servitude)
* Adverse Possession HELUVA
Hostile Excluding Lasting (20 yrs) Use (ordinary) Visible Actual
*Covenants of Titles SEC WAQ
Sesin Encumbrance Convey, right to Warranty Assurances, further Quite enjoyment
* Holder in Due Course is subject to real defenses for a foreclosure action MAD FIFI4
Material Alteration Duress Fraud In Factum Incapacity Illegality Infancy Insolvency
*Kinds of Waste VAP
â—‹ Voluntary (Actual Overt Conduct) â—‹ Ameliorative (Enhance Value) â—‹ Permissive (Protect/Preserve)
Creation of Joint Tenancy TTIP
TTIP Title Time (same time) Interest (Equal - good one for MBEs- Not JT with survirorship if no equal interest) Possession
*Fixture I DAMN
objective Intent to permanently improve Damage if removed Adoption to use of realty Manner attached Nature - trade/residential
* Implication (elements) § PANI
§ PANI § Prior 2 division § Apparent and Continious Use § Reasonably necessary 4 enjoyment § Court determines that party Intended the use to survive after division
Warranty Deeds: â—‹ Silly Rabbits Eat Quietly While F-ing
â—‹ Seisin â—‹ Right to Convey â—‹ Encumbrances â—‹ Quiet Title â—‹ Warranty â—‹ Future Assurances
Holder in Due Course: "Never Ends up Down Trodden"
â—‹ N - Negotiable Note â—‹ E - Endorsed by named payee â—‹ D - delivered to transferee â—‹ T - transferee takes in good faith and pays â—‹ Directors Meetings "Can Please Quite Many Needs" â—‹ C - concurrence presumed in brd actx unless dissent/abstention noted â—‹ P - no proxy voting â—‹ Q - Quorum of majority of directors needed â—‹ M - majority vote of directors needed to pass a resolution â—‹ N - notice to be given as provided in bylaws. â—‹ Requirements for use of Deadly Force: "Free and Clear To kill" â—‹ F - not at Fault â—‹ C - confronted with unlawful force T - threatened with serious bodily injury or death.
Gen. Warranty Deed - 6 Covenants ○ "I ’ll *present* you some Satisfying Real Estate, so in the *future*, you can Quit Whining, Fool."
○ PRESENT: Seisin, Right to convey, (no) Encumbrances ○ FUTURE: Quiet enjoyment, Warranty, Further assurances ○ Tenant ’s duties to LL: “Rager In Progress ” ○ R = Repair ○ I = (no) Illegal purpose ○ P = Pay rent
   Privacy Statement Mnemonics § LL ’s duties to Tenant: “Pleasant, If Quiet. ”
§ P = Possession § I = Implied warranty of habitability (residential only) § Q = Quiet enjoyment

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