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language and culture test 1


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four subdisciplines of anthropology
linguistic, culture, biological or physical, archaeology
linguistic anthroplogy
language is CULTURALLY SPECIFIC RULES. focus on PERFORMANCE. (e-language)
Language vs a language
Language with a capital L is knowledge + performance + comptence + creativity.. a language is just like English, Spanish.
the action.. consists of phonology, morphology, and syntax. creativity.
webs of significance
this is how geertz defines culture. complex webs that humans spin
Langue and Parole
basically Language & Speech.. by Ferdinand de Saussure
stems from phonology, the range of sounds that people understand as the same... substitution changes meaning. bin vs pin
the smallest change of sound to carry meaning.. continuity.. book is different from books
the rules that govern the arrangement of morphemes in sentences..
icon, index, symbol
gator chomp, we know what to associte. index is depenedent on context.. symbol is like bear JuST something attached to something.
communication.. signs and symbols
performance and three senses
competence->knowledge, performance->speech, creativity->making new sentences.. usin proper syntax
interacting with people.. the action of using speech
knowledge.. like language?
start as agriculture... then emerged to ideas and customs of a particular group
contact zones
places where different cultures meet grapple connect
books. dictionaries, grammatical text, on languages. basis of colonial conflict? understands and controls colonies
way of thinking... constantly changing through a series of events. they go back and forth..
paradigm 1 - documentation
created by FRANK BOAS document. describe. lexion. grammer vocab.
paradigm 2 - language in context
study your own language.. you learn it as a kid.. comes naturally.. PERFORMANCE over competence. language doesnt provide direct access to mind. response to CHOMSKY DELL HYMES leader of this. 1960s
paradigm 3 - identity
language sheds light on issues. emerged in the 1980s when anthroplogists liked performance.
Frank boas
german. came up wiht paradigm 1 and the 4 disciplines of anthro.
noam chomsky
children born knowng language. competence (i-language) vs performance (e-language). people should study their own languages.
language idealogy
formed by 2nd paradigm anthropologists... how their own people feel about the language
culture relativism
each culture should be understood on its OWN terms and not some giant congolomeration of one thing
linguistic relativity
sapir-wharf mADE THIS . languages determine how we think. language is basis of world view. environment shpaes how we think.
student of boas.. language shapes culture
chemical engineer and insurance agent. language entails own theory of the universe.
ethnos and graphen
ethnos - group of poeple. graphen.. writing.. study of?
ethnography (process) + (product)
getting a local viewpoint.. witnessing first hand..
bronislaw malainowski
created participant observation method
participant observation
getting in there and living in it.. while observing.. THICK ETHNOGRAPHY
emic vs etic
M comes first so near experience vs distant experience

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