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History and phil of SWK


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Non-able bodied poor
men and women who were unemployed who needed aid for the community
Able-bodied poor
immigrants who left their homes - work house test
Alms houses
impotent poor unable to support themselves: aged, ill , disabled, genteel poor indoor releif
Poor houses
indoor relief funded by gov. and private charites gave care to needy people short and long term
3 groups covered under the social security insurance (SSI)?
Aged Disabled Blind
Elizabethan Poor Laws 1601
First time law was passed that government had to take responsiblility for the poor. Would not have social worker position - only volunteer b/c of this law.
First country to have SSI
Aid to Dependent Children 1935
Aid to Families of Dependent Children 1950
Unemployment Compensation What title is this?
Title III Cash benefits for people that are unemployed for a short term assist
Speenhamland System/Act what year?
1795 Wage supplementation - cost of living justices of the peace - subdisies to the poor employed families and to dependent families.
Old Age Survivors Disability Insurance
Social Darwinism
Predicted that future would be filled with poor people and hard workers would be supporting them. State support of poor was against the laws of economic nature. Lives of poor should not be saved - poor should perish. Evolve to fit society or just drop out of society.
Federal funding of services to private for-profit agencies. Examples Hospitals, day cares, prisons, drug rehabs
Title XX
Open-ended act provide federal reimbursement to states up to 75% of cost for new programs for the disadvantaged.
Social insurance for people over 65 or disabled persons. Health insurance
Federal/state program providing health subsidies for most people. Public assistance program.
Charity Organization Society (COS)
London 1869 Buffalo 1877 Organize all charities, everybody gets equal help. restore the natural order of class stratification. only helped women children if bread winner died.
The Comstock Act 1873
made it illegal to give contraceptive advice
Social Security ACT (SSA)
1935 Federal responsibility for citizens well being.
the idea of individual effort and personal motivations by which any American can achieve success
Worker's compensation
State to State Department of Labor Benefits to victims of work related accidents and illness regardless of fault. Reflects worker wages at the time of incident.
Outdoor Relief
Incapable of work/genteel poor Support in their homes. Care in almshouses.
Indoor Relief
Social welfare benefits that required recipients to reside in institutions to maintain their eligibility. common places: Almshouses and poor houses
Start with small policies and each year add on and broaden. SSA act best example
Cause Vs. Function
Function - blame the client for their poverty. Mary Richmond school of thought. Goal:fix client not society Cause: Uniquness to very client. Jane Addams school of thought. Goal: Fix client and society.
Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
Relative Poverty
Can not maintain standard of living. Those who lack resources to live at the same level as their community.
Deserving Poor
Widowed, crippled, elderly and children Can not work, no means to
Undeserving Poor
Not working able-bodied adults
Match funding
Federal and State goverment put in 50/50 or another amount to fund a policy. The state gets to establish the rules and regs of the policy. does admin side of the policy.
In-Kind Benefits
Any services or goods that your agency provides will count as cash contribution. Example food baskets, agricultural surpluses, housing and personal counseling.
What type of policy was the SSA?
Social Protection policy

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