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GPE: Final


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The widening gap in China is between...
mostly urban rich and mostly rural poor
Percent of China Villages with no running water
China: Village protests against corrupt officials, poor medical services and bad schools are ignored becasue (2 reasons)
1. distance or lack of information 2. internet is considered "enemy of state"
How many Chinese people moved to urban areas in the last 20 years?
300-400 million
How many Chinese people are expected to move to urban areas wihtin the next 15 years?
300 million
China: how long does it take a Chinese person to get a passport?
1 week
China: Where do foreigners in China live?
Foreigners live outside of compounds
China: What is the major effect of the commercialization of the press and media?
Faster communication will change their need for the commmunist state
China: What is the avenue of survival for communist authorities?
Nationalism (economy is not the motive for collapse of communism)
China: Cheap capital favors...
investments in capital intensive technology
China: Cheap capital does not favor...
investments in labor intensive technology
China: where are the jobs?
Job opportunities are concentrated in urban areas.
China: How much of China's population lives in rural areas?
China: The fact that 60% of China's population lives in rural areas causes what problem?
infrastructure is a daunting task
Japan: How do they prosper?
Japan: Japan is a mix of what type of economies?
modern economy with traditional social relations
Japan: What do they emphasize in education?
basic science
Japan: their industrial structure is?
oligopolistic (KEIRETSU)
Japan: Japanese government pursues...
industrial policy of choice
Japan: who is unemployed?
There are more middle-aged unemployed men in Japan
Japan: Unemployment is growing for men...
aged 45-54
Japan: Unemployment for is decreasing for women...
ages 25-34
Japan: service employment is concentrated where?
In smaller companies that offer no job security.
Russia: How did Putin/Medviediew reinvent Russia?
They made it a resource supplier to the world.
Russia: What type of policial system?
State Capitalism: autocracy and capitalist economy.
Russia: Loss of oil revenue exposed what flaw?
russia is not a mixed economy.
Russia: Oil revenues fund...
FSB state, security apparatus, military and personal fortunes
Russia: Due to the current recession Russia will...
be more assertive internationally
Russia: What Russian group will want to intimidate our new pres?
the Kremlin
Russia: which group wanted to intimidate JFK?
Russia: In the face of unemployment and economic downturn, Kremlin is likely to...
Refocus attention to issues of national security.
Russia: what is the next goal of the Kremlin?
Political control of Ukraine and Crimean Penninsula. Maybe Latvia also.
Russia: Putin will use _____ to cool EU into submission?
Gas weapon. Germany needs them.
Russia: spending spree?
RUssia spent 150 billion of reserves on economy and are down to 450 billion
Russia: What happened to ruble?
It has depreciated and moneyholders are running from it.
Russia: Russian stocks have lost ____ billion since August 2008?
400 bil
EU: treat of rome...what year?
Eu: What did treaty of rome establish?
common market common external tariff, elimination of free trade barriers, free movement of factors of production
EU: what did the 87 single european act do?
aimed at the completion of single market
EU: What treaty was signed in 1992?
Treaty on European Union
EU: the treaty on the european union paved the way for the _______ treaty
EU: euro was established in what year?
EU: European Union constitution was est in what year?
EU: Explain European Comission
executive body, 27 comissioners responsible for policy area
EU: explain council of european union
the principal descision making institution in the EU.
EU: What is the informal name of the Council of the European union?
The Council of Ministers
What does the Council of the european union/ council of ministers do?
legislative branch, enacts in to law comission's proposals
EU: What is the European parliament?
732 member body that represents the popular interests of the EU
EU: what is the european council?
A meeting of the heads of the member countries
EU: Does not support...
US policy objectives in Afganistan and Iraq
EU: weakness?
vulnerable to pressure from russia
EU: mutual trade is ____ billion per year
EU: US trades how much with Mexico/Canada and Asia
Mexico/ Canada- 970 million Asia- 1.2 billion
EU: American firms sell _____ worth of goods and services in europe. thats ___x more than asia and ___x more than NAFTa
3.8 trillion 2 4
EU: US investments were __x larger than Asia and __x larger than BRIC
3 16
EU: In 1997 profits of US firms in Europe were ____ in 2007 they were ____
46 billion 177 billion
EU: American firms generate ___% of GDP in Ireland, __% in GB and __% in Belgium
22 17 6
EU:__% of FDI in US comes from Europe
EU: Europeans invested ___ in US. China invested ___ in US
1 trillion 33 billion
EU: in 2006 Europeans invested in US, __x more than in China and __X more than in India
12 28
What Country is the largest democracy In rhe world?
India: What are India’s 4 biggest problems?
Sanitation, transportation, power supply, bureaucracy
India: percentage of sewer water that is treated
India: what type of bacteria is 3000 times above safe level
gagnes bacteria
India: 1000 children die each day from
India: how many people have no access to proper toilets
700 million-1.1 billion
India: How much is FDI?
4.7 billion
China: how much is FDI?
50 billion
India: what are three major impediments to infrastructure
transportation water supply power supply
India: What did the political controversies do?
held up GE and bechtel from building a power plant
India: Privatization and FDI have
held bureacracy at a givernment level
India: how many people are in India's tax base?
just 30 million
India: India: What does the small tax base do to India?
Makes the government run structural deficits
India: what does debt service do?
absorbs capital and makes it too expensive
India: What is the result of debt service?
low capital formation
USA: USA represents ___ % of the world population
USA: The USA produces __% of all the worlds goods and services.
USA: GDP was __ trillion. World GDP was __ trillion.
14 54
USA economy is __% of world economy
Second largest economy in the world?
Japan GDP?
4.4 trillion
USA: crude oil output is __% of Saudi Arabia
USA: in 2006, USA was 2nd largest natural gas producer behind ___
USA: we spend __% of the worlds expenditures on military
USA: military spending is __% of gdp?
Higher education investments USA, Europe, Japan
2.6% of GDP 1.2% of GDP 1.1% of GDP
Economics is:
The science about the relations between the economy and the society.
USA has ___ of worlds best universities
USA problems
election/ political financing, taxcode must be simplified (flat tax should be considered)
USA: what industry is destroying car industry?
health care
USA: talk about "the other half"
Jacob Riiss's XIX century work about 50 percent of forgotten impoverished americans
What is Plutonomy?
an economy dominated by the spending of the rich
In 1982, 400 richest people had...
$92 billion dollars
400 richest people in 2006 had...
1250 billion bucks!
Percentage of high net worth portfolios US= Europe= Asia=
20% 15% 10%
2008 demand for gold rose by __%
equities market is shrinking while __ is growing
cash fixed income investments
percentage of political donors that earned 100k +
percentage of political donors that earned 50k or less
what is "the Next 100 years"
book about american culture
How many cars does the united states produce anually?
15 million
USA: our economy will be twice the size of china in..
USA: household savings in 2007 were...
1/10 of a percent
Which (2) countries use State Capitalism?
China, Russia
Which (2) countries use market capitalism?
US and EU

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