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the regulation of organizational activities in such a way as to facilitate goal attainment
operations control
focuses on the processes the organization uses to transform resources into products or services
financial control
concerned with the organization's financial resources
structural control
concerned with how the elements of the organization's structure are serving their intended purpose
strategic control
focuses on how effectively the organization's strategies are succeeding in helping the organization meet its goals
a position in organizations that helps line managers with their control activities
control standard
a target against which subsequent performance will be compared
prelininary control
attempts to monitor the quality or quantity of financial, physical, human, and information resources before they actually become part of the system
screening control
relies heavily on feedback processes during the transformaition process
postaction control
monitors the outputs or results of the organization after the transformation process is complete
a plan expressed in numerical terms
financial statement
a profile of some aspect of an organization's financial circumstances
balance sheet
list of assets and liablilities of an organization at a specific point in time
income statement
a summary of financial performance over a period of time
ratio analysis
the calculation of one or more financial ratios to assess some aspect of the organization's financial health
an independent apparisal of an organization's accounting, financial, and operational systems
bureaucratic control
a form of organizational control characterized by formal anbd mechanisitic structural arrangements
decentralized control
an approach to organizational control based on informal and organic structural arrangement

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