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What are the terms for the idea how women are either viewed as pure or as whores?
The Pedestal-gutter syndrome


The Madonna-Whore dichotomy

What is the ambivalent sexism inventory (ASI)?
It's a scale that measures sexism based on 11 survey question on benevolent and 11 survey questions on hostile sexism
Are women a disadvantages group in regards to power?
What is the "women are wonderful effect"?
The finding that both men and women have more favourable attitudes toward women than towards men
Would benevolent sexism be a form of prejudice according to Allports definition of prejudice and why?
No, because they don't have antipathy for women in benevolent sexism
Women who are high in which type of sexism are more likely to tolerate abuse?
Women who are high in benevolent sexism who also have no job
Are benevolent and hostile sexism tightly linked?
What are the 3 factors contributing to both types of sexism?

- Gender differences

- Sex

What is ambivalent sexism?
A type of sexism where the person endorses in both benevolent and hostile sexism
What type of sexist is more likely to be an abusive partner?
The ambivalent sexist
What was the relation between sexism and gender equality in the gender development index (GDI)?
They found as sexism increased, particularly hostile sexism, gender equality decreased
If there are a lot of sexist men in a country how sexist will women be?
They will also be equally sexist
In the 4 most sexist countries what was the shocking finding?
Women supported benevolent sexism more than men did
Women are against what kind of sexism?
Hostile sexism
What is a way to explain why women accept benevolent sexism?
Because women are threatened by men and find a man to protect them and fall into the role of benevolent sexism
What is envious prejudice?
A form of prejudice where grudging respect is coupled with dislike and fear

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