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We must take action
Il faut nous agir
To act
To be about
S’agir de
This poem is about love
Il s’agit dans ce poeme de l’amour
S’agir de est toujours _________?
To believe in something
Croire à qqch
To get closer to something passively (To a destination)
Approcher de
To get closer to something actively
S’approcher de
To bring something closer
Approcher qqch
To get in contact with
Approcher qqn
To suit
Convenir à
To agree to
Convenir de
To start to
Commencer à
To start by
Commencer par
To list the parts of a whole
Consister en
To give the meaning of a subject
Consister à + infinitif
To believe someone/something is telling the truth
Croire qqn/qqch
To believe in
Croire à/en
To believe in someone
Croire en qqn
To believe in god
Croire en dieu
To believe in the devil
Croire au diable
To believe in santa clause
Croire au père noel
To tell someone something
Dire qqch à qqn
To tell someone to do something
Dire à qqn de faire qqch
To hear about something/someone
Entendre parler de + Nom
To hear that (something real said)
Entendre dire que + Proposition
To join an ideological group
Se joindre
To join a group of people or person
I agree that ...
Je suis d’accord pour dire que...
To play a sport or something with a score
Jouer à
To play an instrument
Jouer de
To miss something (i.e. I miss you)
Something is missing from me. (Tu me manques)
To be missing (Three copies are missing)
Il manque (Il manque trios copies)
I’m missing a pencil
Il me manque un crayon
To miss (Fail to reach something. i.e. I missed my bus)
Manquer qqch (J’ai manqué mon avion)
To fail to perform your duty
Manquer à qqch
He failed to keep his word
Il a manqué à sa parole
To lack something
Manque de + Nom
He lacks confidence
Il manqué de confiance en lui
Faillir (to almost do something)
Manquer de + Infinitif
To not forget to do something
Ne pas manqué de + infinitif
To answer someone/something
Repondre à qqch/qqn
To answer for someone/something
Repondre de qqch/qqn
To leave (2 ways) (Which needs COD and which doesn't)?
Partir (Doesn’t need COD)


Quitter (Needs COD)

To relax
Se détendre
To flip (Cooking), To turn, Go back home
To support someone
Soutenir qqn
To tolerate someone
Supporter qqn
To visit a place or monument
Visiter qqch
To visit someone
Rendre visite à qqn
To think something
Penser qqch
To think about something/someone
Penser à qqch/qqn
To think something about something or someone
Penser qqch de qqch ou qqn
To intend to do something
Penser + infinitif
To not forget to do something (Usually in infinitif)
Penser à + infinitf
To serve someone
Servir qqn
To use
Se servir de
To serve as a replacement
Servir de + Nom
To be used to do something
Servir à + infinitif
To hold something
Tenir qqch
To be fond of
Tenir à qqch/qqn
To not be able to wait to do something
Tenir à + infinitif
To take after (i.e. a relative, parent)
Tenir de qqch/qqn
To stand
Se tenir
To ask a question
Poser une question
To put the final piece on something
To compare
To confront
Affronter qqn
To cook or bake something
Préparer ou faire qqch
To introduce

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