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A set of cognitions that are attached to a specific emotion
A general evaluation about some object (i.e. good or bad) (Attitudes are broken down into 3 categories, the ABCs Affect Behaviour and Cognition)
The theory that one’s attitudes, behaviours and cognitions need to be consistent
Basic (primitive) categories
Categories that people are grouped into almost automatically after perception using things like race, gender and age. (“Like us” or “Not like us”)
Cognitive miser
The idea that people what to think in simple was and not complicate things
Cultural stereotype
Beliefs shared by a community about a group of people
Negative behaviour towards an individual based on their group membership
Individual stereotype
Beliefs held by an individual about a group of people
Any group that we belong to or affiliate ourselves to
Minimal group
Groups formed on some random (arbitrary criteria) (i.e. random assignment to group A or B)
Performing (or not performing) some behaviour and to keep doing it, in order to meet one’s goals.
Any group that we don’t belong to or affiliate ourselves to
Biased evaluations of a group based on real or imagined characteristics of the group members.
Realistic conflict theory
A theory that states prejudice and stereotypes and hostility come from competition between groups for limited resources
A cognitive structure or hierarchy that represents knowledge about a concept and other things as well as their relations
Self-categorization theory
When people view themselves as members of a social category (ethnic, religious)
A set of beliefs about the traits or attributes of a particular group of people
A process where a person maintained their prejudice but creates a new category to accommodate for new information that is inconsistent with a negative stereotype they have about a group
Theory of reasoned action
The theory that attitudes shape our beliefs
Where did Martin Luther King junior do his march?
On Washington
What is symbolic racism?
Hiding racism behind come sort of policy
What are the 4 things that make a statement prejudice?
Content, Intention, Conviction and Context
Affect is associated to what?
Cognition is associated to what?
Behaviour is associated to what?
Are stereotypes good or bad?
Stereotypes are good things they help us organize our world

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