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The cognitive process of modifying existing schemas to incorporate new events and new information.
Acquaintance (date) rape
Forcible sex when the people involved know each other, sometimes occurring on a date.
The cognitive process of incorporating new information an new events into existing schemas.
Child sexual abuse
Sexual abuse of children that involves direct physical contact, such as pedophilia or incest.
Delayed ejaculation
The difficulty for certain males to have an orgasm for several possible reasons (i.e. fear of impregnating one's partner).
Painful or difficult sexual intercourse; the pain or difficulty is usually caused by infection or a physical injury, such as torn ligaments in the pelvic region.
Marked preference for obtaining sexual gratification by exposing one's genitals to an unwilling observer.
Fear of performance
Being overly concerned with one's behaviour during sexual contact with another. postulated by Masters and Johnson as a major factor in sexual dysfunction.
Female orgasmic disorder
A recurrent and persistent delay or absence o of orgasm in a woman during sexual activity adequate in focus, intensity, and duration; in many instances the woman may experience considerable sexual excitement.
Female sexual interest/arousal disorder
Formerly called "frigidity," the inability of a female to reach or maintain the lubrication-swelling stage of sexual excitement or to enjoy a subjective sense of pleasure or excitement during sexual activity.
Reliance on an inanimate object for sexual arousal.
Forced rape
The legal term for rape, forced sexual intercourse, or other sexual activity with another person. Statutory rape is sexual intercourse between an adult and someone who is under the age of consent, as fixed by local statute.
A form of paraphilic disorder in which an individual receives sexual pleasure from rubbing against people in public places. It is referred to as frotteuristic disorder in the DSM-5.
Gender dysphoria
The distress that some people feel when they have the deep and persistent conviction that there is a discrepancy between their anatomic sexual makeup and their psychological sense of self as man, woman, boy or girl.
Gender identity disorder
A disorder in which there is deeply felt incongruence between anatomic sex and the sensed gender; this disorder was dropped from the DSM-5 because some people are not troubled by the incongruence and there is a sense that the disorder was adding to stigma.
Hypersexual disorder
A disorder not included in DSM-5. It can take the form of a sex addiction or compulsion and it is regarded as a nonparaphilia sexual desire disorder with an impulsivity component.
Hypoactive sexual desire disorder
The absence of or deficiency in sexuall fantasies and urges.
Sexual relations between close relatives, most often between father and daughter or between brother and sister.
Male erectile disorder
A recurrent and persistent inability to attain or maintain an erection until completion of sexual activity.
Medical forensic examination
The procedure used to collect medical evidence for legal purposes when it is alleged that a sexual assault has taken place.
Orgasmic reorientation
A behaviour therapy technique for altering classes of stimuli to which people are sexually attracted., individuals are confronted by a conventionally arousing stimulus while experiencing orgasm.
Sexual attraction to unusual objects and sexual activities unusual in nature.
The sexual disorder of a pedophile, one who has a paraphilia involving sexual desires and urges toward children.
Premature ejaculation
Inability of the male to inhibit his orgasm long enough for mutually satisfying sexual relations.
Sensate focus
Exercises prescribed at the beginning of the Masters and Johnson sex therapy program; partners are instructed to fondle each other to give pleasure but to refrain from intercourse, thus reducing anxiety about sexual performance.
Sensory-awareness procedures
Techniques that help clients tune in to their feelings and sensations, as in sensate-focus exercises, and to be open to new ways of experiencing and feeling.
Sex-reassignment surgery
An operation in which the existing genitals are altered to make them more like those of the opposite sex.
Sexual aversion disorder
Avoidance of nearly all genital contact with other people.
Sexual dysfunctions
Dysfunctions in which the appetitive or psychophysiological changes of the normal sexual response cycle are inhibited.
Sexual masochism
A marked preference for obtaining or increasing sexual gratification through subjection to pain or humiliation.
Sexual sadism
A marked preference for obtaining or increasing sexual gratification by inflicting pain or humiliation on another person.
Sexual value system
As applied by Masters and Johnson, the activities that an individual holds to be acceptable and necessary in a sexual relationship.
Spectator role
As applied b Masters and Johnson, a pattern of behaviour in which the individual's focus on and concern with sexual performance impedes his or her natural sexual responses.
Statutory rape
Sexual intercourse with someone below the age of consent.
Also called gender identity disorder.
Transvestic disorder
A disorder of becoming sexually aroused by dressing as the opposite sex by experiencing significant distress and impairment as a result of this behaviour.
Painful, spasmodic contractions of the outer third of the vagina, which make insertion of the pnis ompossible or extremely difficult.
Marked preference for obtaining sexual gratification by watching others in a state of undress or having sexual relations.

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